Mohawk's Blended Triexta/PET Polyester Carpet Collection

Woman holding three carpet color samples above hardwood floor

Juan Silva/Getty Images

Mohawk Industries has had tremendous success with its carpet styles made from triexta, which has been the fastest-growing fiber ever in the carpeting industry, according to Seth Arnold, Residential Brand Director for Mohawk. Expanding upon the success of triexta, Mohawk recently introduced several styles of broadloom made from a blend of two fibers: triexta (PTT) blended with PET polyester. During a recent conversation with Arnold, we learned more about this collection of carpets.

Color Rules

According to Arnold, the primary motive for blending the PET polyester and triexta fibers is for color purposes. Different fiber types will take color in unique ways; similar to the way in which different pieces of wood will accept stain differently. Thus, Arnold explains, mixing two fiber types together provides some unique colorations that are not available in any other single fiber type.

The resulting colors of the blended collection feature tone-on-tone shading—a trendy look. The subtle blend of the two tones adds depth to the color and gives the carpet more visual texture.


Triexta is hailed for its superior durability compared to other fiber types, including polyester. So, what happens when you have a carpet made from a mix of two fibers? Is it less durable than a carpet made from triexta on its own, such as the SmartStrand collection?

Arnold assures that the addition of PET polyester does not compromise the performance of the triexta. He explains that Mohawk was not willing to jeopardize the durability of the SmartStrand fiber, and so it has done a lot of research to determine at what point it is possible to blend the two fibers without losing durability. As a result, Mohawk has determined that there is no marketable difference in carpet performance with the added PET. You can expect the same superior performance from this triexta/PET collection as from the extremely popular SmartStrand line.


The triexta/PET blend carpets feature lengthy warranties more in line with typical triexta warranties than polyester ones. These carpets include lifetime stain and soil warranties, and abrasive wear and texture retention warranties for 20 to 25 years, along with other features.

Have a Look

If you would like to check out these new carpets, the best way to see them is in person by visiting your local carpet retailer, or you can have a look at Mohawk’s website (although it’s a bit more difficult to appreciate the colors online).