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What shape and size do you want your stepping stone to be? Believe it or not, you have several options when it comes to finding or making molds for your stepping stones. Before you start, you might want to read through all of these stepping stone molding tips.

  • Plastic Planter Saucer - This is what I used for my round stepping stones, and they worked great. The cost of these was under $1 a piece and they were reusable. (compare prices)
  • Clear, Plastic Stepping Stone Molds - For a bigger variety of shapes (octagon, square, etc) I went to a craft store and bought plastic stepping stone molds. Other than the shape, they were almost identical to the plastic planter saucers. They cost between $3 and $4 each and are reusable. (compare prices)
  • Fancy Stepping Stone Molds - I have seen these available online. While they come in a variety of beautiful, detailed designs, they are fairly expensive. The prices I found were anywhere from $10 to $30 and they were reusable. (compare prices)
  • Old Cake Pans - I have read where people use unwanted cake pans to make stepping stones (I read you should coat the pan with cooking spray or petroleum jelly). I tried using a heart shaped pan and I couldn't get the stone out once it was set; perhaps I didn't use enough cooking spray, but it was very disappointing. Since my experiment, I have read that you can coat the pan with plastic wrap, but I have not yet tried it. ~~ From a Reader: "I used a layer of sand on the bottom of the pan. When the mold was hard it pops right out, just brush the sand off the bottom and its ready."
  • More Mold Options - A few other options for molds for your stepping stones are small pizza boxes, aluminum pans, ice cream buckets, plastic storage boxes, etc. You can also make molds using wood. I have not tried any of these ideas so I cannot vouch for them personally! Again, if you have tried any of these molds, please share your thoughts, tips, and ideas!

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