3 Most Common Challenging Feng Shui Money Area Locations

Kitchen table and chairs.

Carina Gran / Getty Images

What makes good feng shui decor for your money area and what makes bad feng shui money area decor? You should understand the importance of applying specific feng shui cures to your money area if the area happens to have a missing part.

The last thing to be very mindful of is the location of your money area within the dynamics of your floor plan. Take a look at some of the most common challenges with the location of the money area as well as good feng shui ways to remedy these situations.

Bathroom Money Area

Out of all possibly challenging locations for your feng shui money area, this is the biggest one. The bathroom has a negative reputation in feng shui, no matter which bagua area it is located in. You certainly would not want a love area in the bathroom, nor do you want your money area there just because it is challenging to keep the energy there bright, fresh, and stable. It's difficult, but not impossible.

Garage, Laundry Room, or Closet Money Area

This is the next concern with the location of a money area—in many houses, the money area is actually in the garage, closet, laundry room. Again, the very first thing to do is to take outstanding care of these spaces because most often they are neglected, even in the most orderly and beautiful houses. After you've created a clean and orderly foundation there, check and see which of the eight feng shui money area decor tips you can apply there. Yes, a laundry room, a closet, and even your garage can tremendously benefit from a vibrant piece of art, a fresh coat of specific paint color, or a money feng shui symbol, no matter how small.

Very Open Space Money Area

If your feng shui money area is located in a room with too many windows and doors (especially floor to ceiling windows), you need to focus on ways to ground the energy and keep it inside, instead of letting it easily escape through the door or the windows. You can do that with a specific arrangement of furniture, proper window treatment, or by creating a strong feng shui focal point.