18 Homes With Monochromatic Color Schemes

Circular dining table set in middle of monochromatic black and white house

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A monochromatic aesthetic is a bold way to make a statement in any room. Though we're programmed to think about matching similar colors and keeping diverse palettes in our space, monochromatic color schemes look intentional and eye-catching. And the good news is that a monochrome style doesn't have to feel overly match-y. Find a color you love and use it as a base for the room--whether you want to take it all the way or keep things subtle.

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    Go Monochromatic

    Blue room

    matthewsmitharchitecture / Instagram

    This stunning navy room seen on matthewsmitharchitecture's Instagram is everything we love about monochromatic spaces and the perfect inspiration for your own home. The deep blues are pulled throughout the room, but pops of yellow and green break up the space and keep it fresh.

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    Keep It Light

    All-white room

    My Scandinavian Home

    Timid about using a bold color scheme in your monochromatic room? An all-white room is a popular, minimalistic way to try out a single color palette in your space. This wonderfully chic bedroom from My Scandinavian Home maintains the whitewashed feel throughout the space, adding in pops of black and different shades of white. We can't imagine a better place to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

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    Start Subtle

    Living space with blue accents

    My Scandinavian Home

    This gorgeous, light-filled space from My Scandinavian Home proves monochrome can still be subtle. By sprinkling dark blue color accents throughout the room, the space feels tied together, and the decor purposeful. When aiming for a low-key monochromatic look, try to keep your accessories as close in color as possible to give things a uniform feel. 

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    Try Monochrome in Your Bathroom

    White and black bathroom

    designstuff / Instagram

    If committing to a single color palette in your living space is too daunting, start small. This black and white bathroom from designstuff is the perfect first foray into monochromatic design. A simple color scheme like this one feels calming and spa-like, especially when sticking to black and white. Try this look with any color, and you'll find your bathroom is your favorite place in the house.

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    Add Texture

    Pink bench and tapestry

    Olivia Keyes / Pinterest

    This pink nook from Olivia Keyes on Pinterest is feminine in all the right ways. The velvet bench lends texture to the space and keeps it from feeling flat. We love how the different hues of pink carry over from the wall tapestry to the plush carpet. The decor feels varied—but more importantly, calming and inviting. Who knew an all-pink room could feel so spa-like? 

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    A Minimalist Vanity

    Black and white desk area

    biancaleppert / Instagram

    We love this black and white vanity from biancaleppert because it feels exceptionally fresh and clean. By keeping the accessories and art prints a single hue, the space feels instantly modernized. When you remove color, you begin to pay more attention to the clean lines of the shelves and desk and notice how every object in the space carries a sense of purpose.

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    A Forest-Like Living Room

    Dark green living space


    We are green with envy over this monochromatic room from Trendland. If you've ever wanted to live in a deep, dense forest, here's your chance. Even though the colors are dark, the room feels playful and lighthearted. We love how the real-life greenery seamlessly ties into the deep green couch and walls.

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    Neutrals All Around

    Bedroom with grey and beige tones

    Coco Lapin Design

    This beige and gray bedroom from Coco Lapin Design is everything we want in life. Between the neutral linens, the gray built-ins, and the varied textures, this monochrome room is simply stunning. Though the space is cozy, the uniform color scheme helps it feel tidy and cohesive.

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    A Uniform Nursery

    White and black nursery

    whitefoxstyling / Instagram

    A monochrome nursery can be a great, gender-neutral way to lend a modern sensibility to the space. This adorable little room from whitefoxstyling is one we wish we had grown up in. The designer keeps the black-and-white scheme throughout, from the throw blanket to the pom-pom banner.

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    A Dark Dining Room

    Black detailed dining room

    Kerry Lockwood - In Detail

    We love black dining rooms, and this artsy look from Kerry Lockwood - In Detail is no different. The black paint ties in perfectly with the faux-fur rug and the seating. If using a very dark shade (like black) scares you, throwing in a few matching pieces can be a great way to get the "entry-level" monochrome look.

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    Moody Teal

    Teal monochrome room

    Twig Hutchinson

    This teal look is not for the timid. Designer Twig Hutchinson paired nearly-perfect teal chairs with a deep teal wall to create an optical illusion that helps the room feel even larger. The chairs almost blend in with the space and give it a luxurious feel. 

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    Embrace the Wild

    Bright orange bedroom

    The Designer Pad

    If monochromatic decor schemes don't scare you off, maybe you're ready for a truly "loud" color palette. This bold and beautiful bedroom from The Designer Pad pairs orange walls with accessories like a hanging pendant lamp and a blanket to make a statement. This look isn't for the faint of heart, but the payoff is so worth it.

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    A Black Bedroom

    Black bedroom

    joyce_wiggers_interiors / Instagram

    Dark walls in a bedroom feel instantly romantic and moody. Designer joyce_wiggers_interiors took the black color scheme even further by adding matching black curtains and brown accents. Monochrome looks don't necessarily have to follow only one color, and can rather stick to the same color family (browns and blacks, for example) to tie the look together. 

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    Bright and White

    White room with vaulted ceilings

    themerrythought / Instagram

    By now you know that all-white rooms are very in, and there's just something about the minimalist look that we can't get enough of. This vaulted bedroom from themerrythought has layers of different shades of white with a touch of blue and natural wood. When adding accessory colors to your monochrome room, look for classic combinations that play well with the primary color palette.

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    Channel Your Inner Prince

    All purple room

    ellas_muse_homedecor / Instagram

    If purple is your favorite color, you'll probably go gaga over this bedroom from ellas_muse_homedecor. Every piece matches so perfectly, but the approach doesn't feel overpowering. By mixing up the shades and tones of this bright and bold color, the room feels varied and purposeful.

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    A Truly Modern Kitchen

    All black kitchen
    My Unfinished Home

    You probably haven't considered a black color scheme in your kitchen, but this look from My Unfinished Home may just change your mind. We love the monochromatic color scheme mixed with uber-modern finishes that feels chic and high class. 

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    More Velvets

    Blue monochrome room

    urbanroad_au / Instagram

    Texture, texture and more texture. This deep blue room from urbanroad_au is giving us the blues (in a good way). The color scheme is woven throughout, from the dark velvet couch to the moody tone of the wall—even the navy piping on the mustard pillows. We can just imagine curling up with a good book and whiling away the hours. ​

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    Try Slate

    Light blue living space

    Vosges Paris

    This airy room from Vosges Paris is the perfect blend of a monochromatic design scheme and a bit of French flair. We love the slate blue walls that carry through from room to room, and the light pastel chair that makes the look cohere. Plus, the monochromatic style helps the two spaces feel more like one unified room, giving it an open concept feel.