Monopoly Millionaire

A Look at the Board Game Monopoly Millionaire

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Monopoly Millionaire was published by Hasbro in 2012. It is a variation that results in a shorter playing time, with a goal to make a million dollars rather than driving opponents to bankruptcy. It is based on Monopoly, designed by Charles Darrow, one of the most popular and best-selling board games in the world.

Goal of Monopoly Millionaire

The slogan for the game tells its goal: First to a million wins!

You aim to make a million dollars fast. Players race around the board to make their fortune. Along the way, they also live like a millionaire. Each time you pass GO, you can upgrade your game mover to match your lifestyle and get greater rewards while incurring greater risks.

Greed Is Good?

Monopoly always was a game of accumulation, where you tried to form monopolies which might be illegal in the real world. The goal of the Millionaire version of the game is to accumulate wealth while also living large. Wear diamonds, walk the red carpet, and travel in luxury limos. There are Fortune cards that award you bonus houses for free, while the properties have been renamed to reflect a lifestyle of filthy lucre, such as Paradise Island and Party Plaza. The upgrades transform your rowboat game mover into a luxury yacht.

Basics of Monopoly Millionaire

  • Includes: Board, 22 Title Deed cards, 4 sets of movers (3 per player), 22 Fortune cards, 14 Millionaire Lifestyle cards, 14 Chance cards, 32 Houses, 12 Hotels, 2 dice, Money, Bank tray and 4 Reminder cards
  • Players: The game is played with two to four players
  • Age Range: It can be played by children and adults, ages 8 and up, although the values lessons may be questionable.
  • Time to Play: 90 minutes

How Monopoly Millionaire Differs from the Classic Monopoly

One big change is that the goal is to get to a million dollars first, rather than bankrupting the other players.

This limits the game-playing time, which can extend to several hours for the classic version. Often you can finish a game in 90 minutes.

There are no railroads, utilities, or tax spaces on the board. At the start, there is a Fortune card on each property. When you land on a property, you must follow the Fortune card's instructions. These may be a forced auction, making a purchase, stealing properties, or faster building of houses. You also must either buy the property or auction it off.

When you pass GO, you can, and should, upgrade your lifestyle, as you get bonuses for upgrades. There is no incentive to save or to have a less luxurious lifestyle. But unlike classic Monopoly, the game can end with more than one player still having a significant amount of money. It's simply who has the million first who wins, not driving others into bankruptcy.

Customer reviews for Monopoly Millionaire are overwhelmingly positive. 

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