How to Get In the Mood to Meal Prep for the Week

Get ready to have fun while preparing your next meal or snack

Food Prep Groove
Come find your rhythm so food preparation doesn't zap your personal energy!. Liz McGrory

Packing a healthy snack and lunch to bring to work or serving fresh fruit with breakfast takes work.

Sure you could buy the pre-cut items but if you’re trying to save money you resist the temptation and buy your produce in whole.  You get more for your dollar, right?

Yes, this is another chore to add to your to-do list.  To make this task more bearable I’ve put together some suggestions that will make food preparation loads of fun.

Create your system

Invest in some good equipment.  Have an awesome cutting knife and sharpener.  Have containers that will always house fruit or veggies so it’s an easy grab during prep time as well as when they are in the fridge (no opening containers to guess what’s in them). 

Clear the kitchen counter and lay everything out that needs chopping. 

Get the trash barrel close to you or have a bowl you can put the grinds in.

Now that your food is prepped, it’s time to prep YOU.  Put your hair up so it doesn’t distract you.  Find comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting watermelon juice on, otherwise tie on an apron.  You’ll be standing for a while so tie on comfortable shoes. 


Start by Chopping Up Your Fruits and Vegetables

Do you know if you are chopping your fruits and veggies in the quickest and most effective way?  To help save time do a quick YouTube search on the cutting methods for the food you’re about to chop.

Check the clock before you start and then time yourself.  How long does it take to cut up your peppers?  Your cantaloupe?  Your watermelon?  When you know how long chopping takes it makes this chore less daunting the next time you have to do it.  Time is the big challenge when it comes to chopping fruits and veggies so if you know exactly how long it takes it won’t feel like that big of a job.

  A pineapple will only take me 10 minutes from prep time to getting it in the fridge?  I’ll find time for that! YUM!

Find Fun Ways to Pass the Time While Preparing Your Food

If you have a smart phone invest in an arm band.  Wrap it around your arm, tuck your earbud wires in your clothes (so you don’t cut the wires), and put your earbuds in (or maybe just one if the kids are still around).  You can shake your tail feather while you cut or bounce to the beat!  Or take a dance break with your kids in between each fruit (you can include this in your timing). 

Also be sure to keep your knees bent to keep pressure off your back.

Too tired to boogie?  Sign up for the app, Audible, by Amazon and listen to an audio book like the latest New Your Time’s best seller or a book that would help strengthen one of your strengths. 

If these suggestions don’t float your boat, enjoy the silence.  Cut when the rest of the house is asleep so you’ll have some peace and quiet.  Take deep long breaths enjoying the smell of what you are cutting.

Avoid Thinking Too Much About Your Problems by Strengthening Your Emotional Intelligence

One catch, though, is to not get cut up in your emotions.  When we are by ourselves it’s easy to get stuck thinking about our past like “Wish I hadn’t of done that.” or “What if things had turned out differently?” or our future like “Will I be able to handle it?” or “What if I fail?”  Or even should thoughts like “I really should get a manicure.” 

These types of thoughts could bring up worry, fear, anger, and anxiety.  These types of emotions drain your personal energy.  So now chopping your fruits and veggies takes much more energy than you anticipated. 

So if you are going to food prep in silence be present.  Focus your thoughts on the task.  Think about why you are cutting up this yummy food.  Be grateful that you can afford it and how good your body and your kids body will feel after they goggle it all up. 

So now I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever left a whole pineapple rot on your countertop because you just couldn’t find the time to cut it?  Which suggestions will you try so that the pineapple finds its home in your refrigerator?  Tell me all about it over on my Facebook page.  See you there!