17 Rooms with Moody Color Schemes

Moody bedroom with blue shiplap walls, blue and gray bedding and gray bench in front

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

We all know how great all-white rooms can be, but it's time to embrace the dark side. Deep, dark color schemes can give a room weight, depth and a surprisingly calming atmosphere. Whether you try moody blues in the bedroom or mossy greens in your living space, there are countless ways to embrace this year's big Pinterest trend.  

The first step to testing the waters is to keep some of your accents light and airy. In this look from Studio McGee, gorgeous midnight blue walls are kept from overpowering the room when paired with white carpet and a white coffee table. Adding a rich velvet couch completes the look, and makes us yearn to cozy up with a book and a hot cup of tea. 

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    Add Blush Tones

    blush and black bedroom

    taracremerdesigns / Instagram

    We've been into blush decor for a while now, and it's even more dramatic when paired with a dark black wall—as seen in this stunning bedroom from taracremerdesigns on Instagram. If black walls scare you, we think this soothing bedroom will change your mind. Adding pastels or blushes to a room can lighten up a deep, moody color scheme and make it feel more well-rounded. The velvet headboard adds even more texture, and creates a luxurious feel. 

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    Deep Blues and Candlelight

    dark indigo dining room
    Mad About the House

    This French-inspired dining room as seen in Mad About the House features everything we love about moody decor and more. The deep blue walls create a sophisticated-yet-vintage atmosphere—and with the addition of soft candlelight, it becomes instantly romantic. With a gorgeous dining space like this, you'll want to skip the local restaurant and plan a date night at home. 

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    Add Moody Accents

    room with black built in shelving
    Dimples and Tangles

    A moody decor scheme doesn't have to be all-consuming, as evident in this beautiful brick-filled living space from blog Dimples and Tangles. If you aren't ready to dive headfirst into this trend, painting a large accent (like this built-in) a dark charcoal or black can give you the moody look without a huge makeover. 

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    Moody and Modern

    Dark gray kitchen
    Annabelle Kutucu

    This stylish and chic kitchen from interior designer Annabelle Kutucu proves that even an industrial aesthetic can be moody—we adore this stark black wall and trendy black tile work. Pair a dark kitchen with open shelving and light accessories, like the all-white dishes seen in this room, and your space will feel modern instead of gloomy. 

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    Rich Floral Wallpaper

    dark floral wallpaper in bedroom
    Anne Sage

    The moody floral look has been increasing in popularity for a few years now. And by the looks of this bedroom from blogger Anne Sage, it's easy to see why. Rich, bold wallpaper is a great choice for rooms of all types, because it packs a punch and makes a statement without a lot of effort. This atmospheric pink, white and black option screams elegance and sophistication, even in a minimalist bedroom. When deciding to use a bold floral wallpaper, choose rooms with a simple color palette (the bathroom is another great choice) so as not to overwhelm. 

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    Embrace Deep, Dark Floors

    dark floors and white walls
    Louise Desrosiers

    If you can't part with your stark white walls, how about moody floors instead? This deep brown herringbone flooring from designer Louise Desrosiers is everything we love about dark color palettes, without giving up your lighter-colored walls. A dark floor paired with a white wall can also make a small room look much more spacious and open, which makes it a perfect choice for small spaces and large ones alike. 

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    Add Some Texture

    graphic wallpaper

    A rich decor scheme doesn't have to be flat. This stunning, detailed wallpaper (as seen on Homepolish) has a moody-yet-calming feel with a little bit of flair. Though it's a rich purple, it looks light and airy when set alongside modern furnishings and gold accents

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    Mix Up the Trends

    dark blue living space
    No Glitter No Glory

    From global, well-traveled decor to trendy Mid-century, sometimes it's impossible to pick just one style to get behind. And that's okay, because No Glitter No Glory proves you can mix and match and still make it work. The deep blue walls look perfect paired with woven throw pillows and funky Mid-century mirrors. Throw in a Monstera leaf or a banana leaf plant and you'll have a funky look that feels just the right amount of eclectic. 

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    Mix in Modern Plants

    dark room with branches

    Decorating with branches and dried berries is a great, low maintenance way to bring the outdoors in. This stunning (yet simple) table setting, as seen on CRD blog, is a great example of how a few simple pops of color can transform dark walls. Mixing moody grays and deep blues with neons lends a bit of visual interest and immediately draws the eye. 

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    Add a Little Whimsy

    dark brown walls and colored chairs
    Beautiful Object

    Though dark, moody colors tend to look instantly chic and sophisticated, it doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. This wonderfully rich, dark brown room from Beautiful Object reminds us of a grown-up doll house, especially with the addition of these colorful Eames-styled chairs. Adding a bold, bright couch to your moody decor is a great way to spice things up.

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    Chalkboard Paint

    dark chalkboard wall
    The Design Files

    Add some atmosphere to your kitchen with a touch of chalkboard paint. This fun kitchen wall from The Design Files is a great way to add a splash of dark paint that's beautiful and practical. Try this look in a kids' room, on a pantry door or even the inside of your front door. Pro tip: You can easily DIY your own chalkboard paint

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    Take Advantage of Natural Light

    dark room with bright yellow bedspread
    My Scandinavian Home

    One key element in keeping moody decor schemes from feeling heavy or depressing is to embrace the natural light in your home. As seen in this dark green and sunny yellow room from My Scandinavian Home, painting bold, dark walls in rooms with a lot of natural light can help the space to feel larger and more open. Cheerful pops of color like this yellow bedspread are also a great way to accent the look. 

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    Layer Opposite Colors

    black fireplace

    shannonclaire / Instagram

    When done right, layering opposite colors like black and white gives a room elegance and visual interest. This bold black fireplace from shannonclaire on Instagram looks much more refined and modern when paired with stark white candles and flowers. Creating a stunning contrast is a great way to incorporate dark colors into your space. 

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    Red Can Be Moody

    bathroom with a deep red wall

    Though dark blues, purples and grays are often considered in moody decor schemes, a deep and bold red also does the trick. The red tones seen in this modern bathroom from mpression feel both masculine and spa-like, and are a great way to play with the moody look even if shades of blue aren't your thing. 

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    Don't Shy Away From Black

    dark living room with leather chair
    Around the Houses

    Many of our favorite moody rooms have bright pops of color, but this mostly black room from Around the Houses blog is utterly romantic and sophisticated. Fully embrace the moody look by pairing rich leather furniture with dark walls. The layered accessories in this room feel curated and purposeful.

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    A Vintage Palette

    washroom with a dark green wall

    buildingwalnutfarm / Instagram

    Dark hues often naturally lend a vintage feel to a space, as seen in this delightfully classic laundry room from buildingwalnutfarm. The hunter green wainscoting in the space gives it a rich and inviting feel (and hey, who doesn't need an excuse to do laundry?). Painting paneling, trim or wainscoting a rich color is a great way to ease into the moody look and give a room texture.