20 Mop and Broom Storage Ideas You'll Want to Try

Hanging mop and broom in a laundry room

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Mops and brooms can be difficult to store. They're tall and awkward, making many common storage spaces unrealistic. And since they're constantly exposed to dirt and grime, they must be kept somewhere that can handle any leftover debris.

Listed below are 20 mop and broom storage ideas to consider, so you can quickly identify the proper location and storage solution for these oft-used cleaning supplies.

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    Consider Storing Mops and Brooms in the Garage

    Brooms hanging with skateboards in the garage

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    Your garage is among the most obvious places to store cleaning supplies, especially your mops and brooms. With concrete floors and occasionally unfinished walls to boot, there are several storage options available to you in the garage.

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    Choose a Practical Storage Location

    Hanging mop and broom in a laundry room

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    Before you get too far, make sure you think about the most practical location for your mops and brooms. It may be the laundry room, or even the garage. Your answer will help determine the best organizing tool for your space.

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    Hang Brooms and Mops With Hooks

    Hanging broom, mop, and vacuum storage solution

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    One of the simplest, and cheapest, ways to store your mops and brooms is with a couple of simple hooks along a wall or the inside of a closet. If you can, hang your vacuum, broom, and mop on separate walls in the cabinet, and store a mop bucket below.

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    Install a Wall Track

    Wall track for broom and garden supplies and tools

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    Wall tracks are a favorite tool among home organizers, because they're extremely versatile. You can use them for heavy-duty lawn tools, fishing rods, and even your mops and brooms.

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    Hang Brooms Upside Down

    Broom and mop stored in garage

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    Depending on your available storage space, you might consider storing your mops and brooms upside down. Simply swap out hooks for larger, two-pronged alternatives.

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    Alternate Your Arrangement

    Landscaping tools, brooms, and mops stored in garage

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    If you opt for the popular wall track in your home or garage, another simple space-saving trick is to alternate the way your cleaning tools are arranged. Turn your broom upside-down, then hang your mop the opposite way, and so on.

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    Keep a Trash Bin Close

    Trash bin near mop and broom storage

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    No matter where you choose to store your mops and brooms, it's worth keeping a trash bin nearby. When you've finished sweeping, dump out your dustpan, then hang everything back up.

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    Install a Slat Wall

    Slat wall for mop and broom storage and yard tools

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    Slat walls are a great alternative to the previously mentioned wall tracks. If you have several items of varying lengths to hang, for instance, you might prefer the versatility of a slat wall to a wall track.

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    Create a Catch-All Cleaning Closet

    Catch-all cleaning closet for mops and brooms

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    Families with children or pets who use their brooms, mops, and other cleaning supplies on a more consistent basis would likely benefit from a catch-all cleaning closet. Be sure to keep this space organized, so you can quickly locate what you need when you need it.

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    Use a Peg Board for Brooms

    Yard tools and brooms on peg wall

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    If slat walls are the father to heavy-duty wall racks, then pegboards are certainly the grandfather. But don't let the age of this organizing tool fool you, this idea is just as relevant today as it's been for decades.

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    Pick Up Some Command Grippers

    Command grippers for brooms and mops

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    Although wall racks and slat walls are certainly appealing, you may not need such a bulky organizer. Instead, pick up a set of command grippers. These can be arranged however and wherever you want with ease.

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    Store Broom and Mop in a Cupboard

    Mop and broom stored in cupboard

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    If you'd prefer to keep your mops and brooms in the house, but still want them out of sight, consider hanging them in an oversized cupboard. Hang a few simple hooks (or orient your grippers sidewise) along the backs or sides of your cabinet, and you're good to go.

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    Keep a Small Broom and Dustpan Accessible

    Dustpan stored on wall hooks

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    Even if you have a mop and broom stored nearby, consider purchasing a small broom and dustpan set as well. When your kid spills some goldfish or your dog leaves dirt clods near the doorway, no need to pull out the larger cleaning tools.

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    Stagger Your Mops and Brooms

    Cleaning closet with mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies

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    As we've mentioned, mops and brooms are bulky and awkward to store. Consequently, you may start organizing your catch-all closet, only to find you're quickly out of space. A simple solution to this problem, along with changing up the arrangement, is to stagger your cleaning supplies.

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    Double Up Your Wall Hooks

    Garage storage for chairs, brooms, bikes, and more

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    One of the benefits of choosing hooks over grippers, especially if you purchase some deeper options, is you can double up. Layer your dustpan on top of your broom or hang a few supplies of varying sizes all on the same hook.

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    Store Small Brooms and Dustpans Under the Sink

    Cleaning supplies and small broom and dustpan under kitchen sink

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    Your smaller broom and dustpan don't need to occupy spaces meant for larger supplies like mops and lawn tools. Instead, take advantage of the inside of a cupboard door. The best location for these supplies is right under your kitchen sink.

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    Stash Swiffer Pads Behind Handles

    Mop and broom storage in laundry closet with door rack

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    Keeping your cleaning supplies organized can be a challenge, especially if you're working with limited space. Another small hack to help you tidy up is to store your Swiffer pads behind the handle of your Swiffer. This idea works well combined with other storage tricks as well.

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    Install a Stand-Alone Cabinet for Cleaning Supplies

    Stand alone cabinet for cleaning supplies, mop, and broom

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    If you don't have a spare closet you can use for cleaning supplies, and if you have the space, consider installing a stand-alone cabinet instead. This is a great way to hide all your distracting, colorful cleaners and keep your mops and brooms both accessible and out of sight.

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    Create a Kit of Mini Cleaning Supplies

    mini cleaning supplies kit with broom, dustpan, sponges, and spray

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    If you live in a smaller home, a little kit like this is a great space-saver. If you live in a larger house, keep your kit of mini cleaning supplies on the second level or basement, and leave the bigger brooms, mops, and other bulky items on the main floor.

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    Make Sure Everyone Knows Where Mops and Brooms Belong

    Wall track with brooms, mops, and backpacks

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    One of the primary reasons our homes become cluttered and disorganized in the first place is that there isn't clarity about where things go. Once you've decided on the location of your mops, brooms, and any related cleaning supplies, make sure everyone in your home knows the proper place for those belongings.