10 Ways to Squeeze More Storage and Counter Space Into a Small Kitchen

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    How to Make Your Small Kitchen More Functional

    A small, Swedish kitchen

    Does your pint-sized kitchen leave you starved for storage and counter space? These room-expanding ideas will show you how to use every square inch of your kitchen more efficiently.

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    How to Make a Small Kitchen Work Better

    IKEA Grundtal Kitchen Storage System
    Darling Dexter

    When it comes to whipping up much needed vertical storage,  there's nothing like IKEA's Grundtal kitchen series. The budget-friendly stainless steel system is designed to hang on walls so you can make the most of your kitchen's untapped vertical space.

    Shown here are crowd favorites from the series. All of the pieces from the shelves and rail, to the magnetic knife rack, not only frees up counter space but also makes navigating the kitchen easier by ​keeping cookware, dishes, and utensils within easy reach.

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    Make Use of the Space Around Your Fridge

    Red Smeg Refrigerator
    Alan Chu

    If you have a sliver of space between the fridge and the wall in your small kitchen, consider making this hidden DIY rolling pantry. It's perfect for storing canned goods and other nonperishable kitchen essentials.

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    Double Duty Kitchen Backsplash

    Bunker Workshop

    A stainless steel pegboard backsplash is a great double duty feature that protects kitchen walls from spills and splatters while keeping tools that you often use handy.

    The backsplash shown here is a one-of-a-kind design. However, you can make one yourself. You can find stainless steel pegboards at most home improvement stores.

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    Folding Kitchen Table Doubles as Counter Space

    Toy Box Tiny Home

    A folding table, like this one you can DIY, can provide a spot where you can prepare and eat food without taking up valuable floor space.

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    How to Work Untapped Space in a Small Kitchen


    We love how this tiny cottage kitchen keeps the countertop clutter-free using several clever storage solutions. Below are our favorite ideas.

    • The three toe kick drawers under the kitchen's base cabinets put the space that traditionally goes to waste behind baseboards to good use. You can retrofit most standard base cabinets for toe kick drawers.
    • A curtain rod creates a smidgen of vertical storage for utensils in front of the window.
    • And of course, we need to point out the small pot rack that's conveniently placed next to the oven.
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    Over the Sink Cutting Board

    Progressive International Over the Sink Cutting Board

    Sure, a kitchen island can create additional counter space in a small kitchen. But if you can’t spare the floor space, an over-the-sink cutting board is an ingenious quick fix. This one allows you to rinse before chopping.

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    Create Kitchen Storage in a Nearby Room

    ClosetMaid, MasterSuite

    If there's not enough space in your tiny kitchen to create the storage you crave, consider using a nook or closet in a nearby room. A recessed niche can be used to stash kitchen tools you occasionally use or nonperishable pantry items. A curtain, as shown on the left, can keep what you store out of sight.

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    Make the Most of Kitchen Corners

    Tiny House Project

    Corner space is usually underutilized in many homes. But when you're trying to make every square inch in your small kitchen count, corner shelving can give these awkward spots a purpose.