12 Ways to Use Moroccan Decor in Your Home

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Carefree, bohemian interiors are increasingly becoming the norm in the world of today’s décor, and it takes many forms. There are 1970s-inspired spaces that are brimming with vintage finds. There are homes that artfully decorate with macramé and fringe. And then there are the bohemian interiors that take on a global look through items that feel as if they’ve been discovered in a far-off land.

Moroccan décor is a well-appointed way to bring a flair for the dramatic to your bohemian décor. Representing the African country that has been decorating with lanterns, patterns, and sophisticated accents for centuries, elements have been pulled from grand Moroccan spaces (seen here as Martina of @theblondefootsteps explores Morocco’s La Mamounia Marrakech) and have found their way into modern homes.

It’s a style that can be meshed with nearly every existing form of décor and is certainly a way to catch the eyes and hearts of each guest who enters your home.

Here’s some inspiration provided by designers, Instagrammers and other décor experts who have flawlessly executed the Moroccan décor trend.

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    Weave in Moroccan Throw Pillows

    Moroccan Throw Pillows

    @bettina_brent / Instagram

    Moroccan décor never shies away from bold prints and colors—in fact, these are the top identifying features of Moroccan décor. To bring a hint of worldliness to a bed or sofa, bring in some patterned pillows that also act as pops of color, just as stylist Bettina Brent has done in this bedroom.

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    Tie a Room Together With a Moroccan Rug

    Moroccan Rug

    @apartmentf15 / Instagram

    Sumptuous, patterned rugs are another benchmark of Moroccan décor—an argument could be made that no truly Moroccan-inspired room is complete without one. Diamond patterns are frequently seen on Moroccan rugs, similar to the one in this lovely living room found on @apartmentf15’s Instagram page.

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    Install Striking Moroccan Floor Tiles

    Moroccan Floor Tiles
    Not a Paper House

    Tiling in sharp, contrasting hues is a very common fixture of authentically-Moroccan spaces. Patterned, Moroccan-style tile is especially eye-catching as the flooring in a bathroom, in blacks and creams, navies and whites, which is witnessed in this stunning bathroom shared on Not a Paper House.

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    Be Open to Dramatic Details

    Dramatic Details

    @elramlahamranl / Instagram

    Moroccan décor is one of those styles that can be dialed up or down according to your individual tastes. If you do choose to go bold, Moroccan décor allows you to go big or go home with large, intricate patterns, attention-grabbing colors and flashy details that can be layered on top of one another. This @elramlahamranl living room has embraced the “go big” approach, with patterned pillows, an etched coffee table, vibrant rug and a printed wall that brings it all together.

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    Incorporate a Moroccan Pouf

    Moroccan Pouf

    @shop.myhavenhome / Instagram

    A pouf has been a Moroccan tradition for hundreds of years, serving as a footstool or as an easy, impromptu seating option in a living space. You can bring that classic accent into your own living room through a pouf, which can often be purchased at Target, HomeGoods and other mainstream retailers. This embroidered pouf is a perfect addition to @shop.myhavenhome’s seating area.

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    Think About Texture

    White Texture

    @figbowl / Instagram

    Moroccan décor is all about texture, weaving it into rooms through pillows, blankets, linens, wall hangings, and rugs. To make a subtle visual impact, choose Moroccan-inspired textiles in the same color palette, making the texture the most interesting thing about the room. This bed styled by @figbowl is an exquisite example of letting Moroccan texture shine.

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    Put in a Graphic Backsplash

    Graphic Backsplash

    @hunterkenihan / Instagram

    Hunter Kenihan of Kenihan Development shared this gorgeous backsplash seen in a Spanish Revival home that had been restored to its former glory. The kitchen displays Moroccan touches (a starburst lamp and woven rug), but the showstopper is the backsplash that echoes the famous tiling seen throughout Morocco. Take a departure from subway tile and install daring tile instead.

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    Hang a Moroccan-Style Light

    Moroccan-Style Light

    Zoco Home / @zocohome / Instagram

    Metal lamps are another classic décor element seen in Morocco. Whether they’re lanterns or a pendant lamp that allows pinpoints of light to shine through, Moroccan lamps bring a hint of magic to a room. This Zoco Home space exemplifies a modern take on the traditional Moroccan lamp, styling it alongside neutral décor and Scandinavian details.

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    Bring in Woven Décor Touches

    Woven Décor Touches

    @taramoon / Instagram

    Natural woven baskets are not only a mainstay of Moroccan décor but of global décor as a whole. These decorative elements are essential to a bohemian space, which has been superbly accomplished in Tara of @taramoon’home. Large baskets work as pots for plants, while other baskets cleverly reside on the wall.

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    Layer Patterns

    Layer Patterns

    @bryant.house / Instagram

    Moroccan décor has no limits when it comes to playing with patterns. You can blend together a myriad of contrasting patterns without fear of clashing. For example, you can layer two Moroccan-style rugs on top of each other, an inventive touch in Camille Bryant’s living room. She has chosen one unifying color—black—to bring some cohesion to the space’s many patterns.

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    Create a Dreamy Nook

    Dreamy Nook

    @elramlahamranl / Instagram

    Tuck away in an enchanting nook or window seat, made even more enchanting through Moroccan-inspired accents. Sequins seen on the rug and pillows (a Moroccan textile called handira) offer sparkle to this @elramlahamranl nook.

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    Mix in Your Own Style

    Mixture of styles

    @reserve_home / Instagram

    Moroccan décor has this carefree way of being able to mix with nearly any décor style available today. It pairs nicely with Scandinavian décor, finds a home in farmhouse rooms and adds elegance to eclectic spaces. No matter what your personal décor style is, you can find a way to bring in tiny touches of Moroccan décor. Mallory of @reserve_home has done that here, weaving together Moroccan elements (a pouf, rug, and woven lamp) and her own style—pastels, modern throw pillows and furniture in midcentury silhouettes.

    Whether you choose to deck out a room top to bottom in Moroccan décor or represent it subtly, it’s a beautiful way to bring global mindfulness to any space.