14 Stylish and Convivial Moroccan Living Room Ideas

moroccan living room

Design by Soufiane Aissouni

Moroccan living rooms have long been a well of inspiration for interior designers across the globe, and many traditional Moroccan decor objects have become signature elements of modern interiors everywhere.

Convivial spaces that typically include a multitude of seating options for gathering with friends and family, Moroccan living rooms often feature loungey, low-slung banquette-like wrap-around upholstered sofas accented with large coffee tables or multiple small tables for taking tea or sharing meals. Additional seating options often include classic Moroccan embroidered leather or textile floor poufs, carved wood or sculptural metal chairs, and stools. Perforated and patterned, Moroccan metal pendant lights and sconces are known for their sculptural look and for casting magical shadow patterns when illuminated at night. Moroccan textiles include throw pillows in a multitude of textures, colors, and patterns, woven throws, and Berber rugs that work in traditional settings, midcentury modern interiors where they were wildly popular, and add flair to contemporary homes around the world.

While vivid color and bold patterns are a hallmark of Moroccan design, it's also characterized by sculptural hand-crafted decor accessories in natural materials, like the graphic patterns of Berber rugs, woven baskets, and textiles. Some of the most popular Moroccan textiles are often used in modern interiors to add texture and character, such as wool pom pom throws and sequined Moroccan handira wedding blankets that are used as bed throws and wall hangings, or made into poufs and throw pillows.

These Moroccan decor elements can add texture and interest to cookie cutter contemporary rooms in any part of the world, and mix well with midcentury, industrial, Scandinavian, and other popular styles to create a layered, worldly, and multi-dimensional look. Check out these Moroccan and Moroccan-inspired living rooms for inspiration on how to incorporate some signature elements into your own decor scheme.

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    Make It Grand

    moroccan living room

    Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

    Traditional Moroccan living rooms like this sumptuous one designed by late French architect Jean-François Zevaco for the late Moroccan businessman Brahim Zniber are hard to emulate without the soaring carved and painted ceilings, dramatic windows and architectural arches. But you can take inspiration from the vibrant pink walls, perforated metal lanterns, and velvet-upholstered banquettes and incorporate some Moroccan elements into your own living room.

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    Use Warm Muted Pinks

    moroccan living room

    Design by Soufiane Aissouni

    Marrakesh-based interior designer Soufiane Aissouni used shades of the Moroccan city's signature salmony pink to decorate this warm and soothing living room. Textured wall paint makes a pretty backdrop for a collection of vintage-style rattan mirrors and modern wood and metal coffee tables complement the traditional textiles and seating.

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    Maximize Outdoor Space

    Outdoor living room in Morocco
    Olena_Znak / Getty Images

    The Moroccan climate lends itself to outdoor living and Moroccan homes have all sorts of al fresco living room arrangements—from rooftop living rooms with plenty of plush textiles and seating, plus an all-important shield from the burning hot sun, to side terraces with abundant seating for whiling the afternoon away among friends and family. Take a lesson from Moroccan style and make every living space, indoors or out, as inviting as the main living space.

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    Draw the Curtains

    moroccan living room

    Design by Soufiane Aissouni

    This ground floor outdoor living room from Marrakesh-based interior designer Soufiane Aissouni has a convivial Moroccan seating arrangement that is interspersed with midcentury and Scandinavian furnishings, woven pendant lights, and a mix of climbing vines and woven baskets decorating the textured pink walls that are carried into the interior of the home. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can be pulled to shade the outdoor space from harsh rays or provide privacy.

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    Add Eclectic Touches

    Moroccan-inspired living room
    Lu Tapp / Burnham Design

    Interior designer Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design used some key Moroccan decor elements to infuse the living room of a classic Wallace Neff Spanish house in Pasadena with "an eclectic, well-traveled vibe" to suit her clients' lifestyle. "I see how the vintage brass lamp, the shape of the fireplace, the vintage Persian rug on the ottoman and the wrought iron stools work together to create an Andalusian effect," Burnham says. "To keep the room from going too far in that direction (I never want a room to seem theme-y), we kept in midcentury touches like the (Eero Saarinen designed) Womb Chair and the Noguchi lantern over the table in the back of the room—as well as classic American pieces like the corduroy sofa and rugby striped drapes." A traditional Moroccan carved wood hexagonal side table adds another element of authenticity to the modern Moroccan-inspired design.

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    Mix Pastels and Warm Metals

    Moroccan style living room with pastel touches
    El Ramla Hamra

    This fresh, soft, modern Moroccan living room from El Ramla Hamra starts with a crisp white sofa accessorized with throw pillows that blend black-and-white graphics softened with hints of pastel pink. Warm metal accents like a traditional copper tea tray and a brass lantern complement the color palette and a textured rug and oversized poufs in place of coffee tables completes the look. 

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    Add Bold Pops of Color

    Moroccan inspired living room.
    Jeff Johnson / Lucy Interior Design

    "From the King’s Palace in Marrakesh to all the charming riads in Morocco, I was inspired by the arches and bright, happy color," says Minneapolis-based interior designer Lucy Penfield of Lucy Interior Design. She gave the cozy window seat in this Mediterranean-style house a Moroccan-inspired makeover with Moorish arches. She accessorized the seating area with sculptural stools in bright colors and Moroccan leather poufs on the floor to create an inviting space with multiple seating options that is a nod to Moroccan style with a modern feel.

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    Keep It Neutral

    Moroccan style living room with industrial touches
    El Ramla Hamra

    This neutral-toned living room design from El Ramla Hamra mixes contemporary elements like a crisp white sofa with throw pillows covered in traditional Moroccan textiles and a graphic Beni Ourain rug. Hand-crafted accessories like carved wooden bowls and candlesticks add richness and character. Industrial touches like a weathered industrial pallet wood coffee table and an industrial floor light toughen up the look a bit, illustrating how well traditional Moroccan design elements work with other design styles like industrial and Scandinavian interiors.

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    Mix with Midcentury

    Moroccan touches in an eclectic living room.
    Dabito / Old Brand New

    Moroccan style was popular in the middle of the 20th century, and many Moroccan interior design elements and objects have become so mainstream that you find them seamlessly integrated into modern interiors to the point that many people probably don't even recognize them as Moroccan. This high-spirited neo-retro living room by Dabito at Old Brand New includes Moroccan classics like a Beni Ourain rug, midcentury style armchairs, and bright, bold textiles everywhere that channel the Moroccan flair for color, pattern, and exuberance.

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    Blend with Scandi Style

    Moroccan screen in a living room
    Per Magnus Persson / Getty Images

    If you are looking to dabble in Moroccan decor but feeling shy about taking the plunge, try accenting a contemporary Scandinavian style interior like this all-white Swedish apartment with one well-chosen piece. Here an ornamental carved wood screen divider is painted white to blend in with the room's color palette, adding instant architectural interest and a touch of Moroccan style that harmonizes with the room.

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    Use Moroccan Accents

    Moroccan rug and pouf in a living room
    Dabito / Old Brand New

    In this contemporary living room, Dabito at Old Brand New created a streamlined but vibrant space that features Moroccan textiles such as an Imazighen rug and floor poufs. Punches of color and patterned textiles on the sofa add warmth and joy to the living room design.

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    Add Warm Lighting

    moroccan living room

    Design by Soufiane Aissouni

    This cozy modern Marrakesh living room from Moroccan interior designer Soufiane Aissouni mixes shades of pale yellow, sage green, and soft orange with warm lighting, contemporary glass and metal furnishings, and a comfortable, deep slipcovered sofa with a jumble of neutral throw pillows that adds a modern twist to traditional Moroccan style seating.

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    Embrace Patterned Tile

    Moroccan living room
    Old Brand New

    Moroccan-style low-slung seating with clean midcentury lines plus plenty of colored, patterned textiles, a groovy rattan chair suspended from the ceiling, an abundance of green ferns, and colorful patterned floor tile complete this lively neo-retro outdoor living room from Dabito at Old Brand New.

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    Keep It Light

    moroccan living room

    Design by Soufiane Aissouni

    This light and airy Marrakesh living room from interior designer Soufiane Aissouni has pale sand-colored walls, whitewashed ceiling beams, warm lighting, contemporary furnishings, and a traditional Beni Ourain rug that is both a hallmark of Moroccan design and a versatile staple piece that works in any modern interior.