12 Moroccan Tile Ideas for Floors and Backsplashes

patterned floor tile in kitchen

Black Lacquer Design 

There is so much to love about Moroccan tiles. They typically feature bold and often colorful, arabesque designs and patterns that delight the eyes. We think they are a fantastic way to spice up any room in a house no matter your decorating style. So whether you are looking for a few free-spirited flooring ideas or some tips for creating an alluring kitchen backsplash, these Moroccan tile ideas will get you inspired.

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    Anchor a Bathroom With Beautiful Floor Tile

    Moroccan patterned floor tile

    Homepolish interior designer Stefani Stein took an outdated bathroom in a 1920s bungalow and brought it up to stylish speed. The monochromatic, Moroccan floor tile she installed took the newly renovated space to a new chic level. The brand spanking new floor features a dramatic dark pattern, which anchors the space by unifying all of the black accents from the crown molding to mirror frames.

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    Makeover Your Backsplash With Encaustic Tile

    Statement making kitchen lighting
    Vidal Design Collaborative

    A Moroccan encaustic tile backsplash lends a big dose of colorful character to an otherwise black and white cooking space by Vidal Design Collaborative. Note how the blue kitchen range and the trim on the oven hood match one of the backsplash's colors.

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    Dress Up a Bathroom Vanity With Floor Tiles

    moroccan on bathroom vanity
    W.B. Builders

    Create the Mediterranean-inspired powder room of your dreams with black and white Moroccan floor tiles. Floor tiles on the counter and sink? It works better than you might think. This bathroom by W.B. Builders has eight-inch by eight-inch porcelain tiles above and below a small bathroom vanity. The finished result makes a big graphic statement. Because the tiles were originally made for high traffic floors, they can easily stand up to moisture.

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    Personalize Your Kitchen With Colorful Tile

    colorful tile in kitchen
    Vidal Design Collaborative

    When it comes to personalized living spaces, we love unexpected decor combinations like these rustic inspired beadboard cabinets paired with a vibrant Moroccan tile backsplash. There are many different ways you can blend color in a space to create a unified look. The design at Vidal Design Collaborative painted the trim around the doors and windows to match the backsplash.

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    Spice Up a Neutral-Toned Kitchen

    Colorful Floor Tiles in White Kitchen

    Neutral-toned cooking spaces are arguably the best places to install dramatic floor tiles—case in point, the gorgeous flooring in this kitchen by Homepolish interior designer, Daniela Malca Benloulou.

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    Punch Up a Room With Patterned Tile

    blue and white modern kitchen

    In this sizable, traditional cooking space featured on the Decorist, Moroccan tiles in soft muted colors punch up the oven backsplash. The tiles lend a pretty pattern to the kitchen without incorporating overwhelming bright hues.

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    Try a Custom Moroccan Tiled Floor

    moroccan inspired kitchen with moroccan tile

    Interior designer Kevin Clark installed the custom Moroccan tile floor in this blue kitchen featured on Homepolish. The tiles perfectly match the cabinets. Brushed brass cabinet knobs and a butcher block countertop crafted from cherry wood break up the sea of blue.

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    Spice Up a Modern Kitchen With a Arabesque Tiles

    Moroccan tile in wood kitchen
    3 Lights Design

    We just mentioned that Moroccan tile is usually known for its colorful patterns. However, this cooking space by 3 Lights Design serves up something different. The kitchen backsplash is made up of white lantern-shaped arabesque tiles. For a splash of color, blue and white Moroccan tiles were installed over the oven. The beautiful tile work paired with the wood accents really warm up the modern kitchen cooking space.

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    Incorporate Blue and White Floor Tile in a Mint Kitchen

    patterned floor tile in kitchen
    Black Lacquer Design

    The original floor in the kitchen of this 1940s bungalow was dingy, old laminate, which made updating it an absolute must for the team at Black Lacquer Design. Pale, minty green cabinetry throw focus to the stylish Moroccan tiles, turning what's underfoot into an insanely chic focal point.

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    Take a White Bathroom to New Heights With a Colorful Floor

    colorful floor tile in white bathroom
    Vidal Design Collective

    We get it—bathrooms covered with white subway tile have enduring style. But we genuinely believe there is a fantastic place for colorful Moroccan tiles in spaces like these: the floor. The example shown in this cottage inspired bathroom by Vidal Design Collective takes things up a stylish notch.

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    Outfit a Traditional Bathroom With an Arabesque Tiles

    traditional monochromatic bathroom
    Aleksandra Miecznicka

    This spectacular, monochromatic primary bathroom by interior designer Aleksandra Miecznicka mixes traditional bathroom features including a claw foot tub with patterned floor tile inspired by classic arabesque design.

    About This Term: Primary Bathroom

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" (or "Master Bathroom") as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Makeover a Laundry Room With a Moroccan Tile Backsplash

    Spanish and moroccan tile in mudroom

    The truth? The laundry room may be our favorite place for colorful tile. Even if you dread the chore of washing clothing, having a beautiful place to get the job done may make it more enticing. This lovely laundry room by Stefani Stein combines both Spanish and Moroccan tiles to create a gorgeous backsplash behind the folding station.