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11 Ways to Decorate With Moroccan Wedding Blankets

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    Timeless Bohemian Decor

    moroccan wedding blanket over sofa hero
    Gray and Gold Interior Design

    Because you believe filling your home with meaningful things is better than buying faddish decor, let’s talk Moroccan wedding blankets, traditionally called handira.

    Initially hand-woven by Berber craftspeople in central Morocco, the textiles are a part of a storied tradition that blesses newlyweds. But their romantic history is not the only thing that makes them highly pinnable. When used as throws, wall hangings, or upholstery fabric, the fringy and sparkly blankets add cozy style to spaces. Here is how to use these timeless textiles to spruce up your decor.

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    Moroccan Style Bedding

    alt moroccan wedding blanket on bed blue walls
    The Platform Experiment

    The typical Moroccan wedding blanket is creamy white, covered with fringe, and bedazzled with dozens if not hundreds of mirrored sequins. In this dreamy space styled by The Platform Experiment, a handira throw dresses up a bed.

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    Decorative Sofa Throw

    moroccan wedding blanket draped on sofa arm
    Wake and Loom

    Texture and shine can enliven a space dominated by neutral colors. In this loft apartment by interior design company, Wake and Loom, the Moroccan wedding blanket on the sofa is a toasty touch that pops.

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    Pop of Neutral Texture

    moroccan wedding blanket sofa throw
    Ashley Manfred

    Even in rooms that do not follow a neutral color scheme a Moroccan wedding blanket can add visual warmth and pleasant texture. Case in point, this colorful and eclectic New York City apartment by interior designer Ashley Manfred. She used the beautiful textile to break up the color of a sizable sofa. The designer says it is a classic, decorating trick that adds visual interest.

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    Wall Tapestry Tip

    reversed moroccan wedding blanket on wall
    French and French Interiors

    Beautifully made items look great from all sides. That is why this Moroccan wedding blanket is displayed backward. The clients who own this home decorated by French and French Interiors say they flipped the textile to show off the lovely, intricate weaving.

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    Modern Farmhouse Style

    moroccan wedding blanket over rustic bed
    Lindye Galloway Interiors

    Here a lovely Moroccan wedding blanket paired with coordinating pillows give a modern farmhouse bedroom by Lindye Galloway Interiors a flirty vibe.

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    Fabric Headboard

    colorful moroccan wedding blanket bedroom wall
    The Neon Tea Party

    Marisa Morrison, the blogger who pens, The Neon Tea Party, considered three different ways to display her Moroccan wedding blanket. Using the textile as a headboard was the winning idea.

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    DIY Headboard

    headboard moroccan wedding blanket
    Style Files

    If you are not sure how to hang your handira as a headboard, the bloggers behind Style Files have your back with this DIY.

    After picking out the perfect curtain rod for displaying their blanket, they had a local seamstress attach a rod pocket to the textile using invisible sewing thread.

    With the help of a power drill, they installed the rod roughly four feet above the mattress. They picked that height because it left a little empty wall space for pillows between the handira and mattress.

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    Make a Moroccan Wedding Blanket Ottoman

    moroccan wedding blanket ottoman
    The White Buffalo Styling Company

    Yes, you can create this chic, coffee table ottoman by Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Company.

    While her first instinct was to make a Moroccan wedding blanket for the project, she found one to use at a clearance sale.

    Here are the other supplies you will need to make this reasonably simple DIY: One foam bench cushion, a plywood board the same size as the cushion, and four coffee table legs.

    In broad strokes, here is how to assemble: First, attach the legs to the bottom side of the board. Next, place the bench cushion on the top side of the board. Afterward, cover it with your blanket and using a staple gun, secure the textile and the cushion to the plywood board.

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    Textile Wall Hanging

    moroccan wedding blanket over sofa hero
    Gray and Gold Interior Design

    Rich wood flooring, midcentury-inspired furniture, and rattan accents together spell homey in this living room by Gray and Gold Interior Design. Topping off the comfortably eclectic space is a Moroccan wedding blanket over the sofa. To get the drapey look shown, you can use a couple of nails or thumbtacks to hang a lightweight handira.

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    DIY Wall Hanging

    faux wedding blanket wall hanging
    A Designer at Home

    A small Moroccan wedding blanket, perfect for wall hanging can easily cost hundreds of dollars. But there are ways you can fake one on the cheap. Our favorite is this handira hack by Corinna, the blogger who pens A Designer at Home.

    Her supply list includes three different types of white yarn, sequin ribbon, and a 16-inch lamp ring.

    To assemble, just attach strands of yarn and pieces of ribbon to the lamp ring using a knot called lark’s head.

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    Sofa Makeover

    wedding blankets spruce up sad furniture
    The Neon Tea Party

    When you can't afford a new sofa, give the one you got a charming new look with this idea by Marisa at The Neon Tea Party. She used two cute Moroccan wedding blankets to spruce up her seating area.