Mosquito Magnet and Coleman's Deleto Insect Traps

Can You "Take Back Your Yard" With These Devices?

Whether you will look further into buying insect traps such as the Mosquito Magnet or Coleman's Deleto will depend on how much you hate mosquitoes and enjoy gadgetry. If you can stand a few bites and hate complex gadgets requiring maintenance, such devices may not be worthwhile. But if mosquitoes are forcing you to beat a hasty retreat from the yard and you like experimenting with newfangled gadgets, a mosquito death-machine may be for you, although it will not eradicate mosquitoes totally.

Pros and Cons, Product Description


  • Some users of the Mosquito Magnet report good results, so the technology does work.
  • A cordless Mosquito Magnet is also available.


  • On corded models of the Mosquito Magnet, the cord is a nuisance.
  • The complexity of the product means a lot can go wrong, potentially.
  • Some users report unsatisfactory results.


  • The company puts out different product lines, one of which is "Patriot." One of the older product lines, Liberty, has been discontinued.
  • The Mosquito Magnet is easily assembled.
  • Its folding frame makes it easy to store away during the winter months.
  • It comes with attractant and replacement nets. You supply the propane and propane tank.
  • The power cord is 50 feet long (12 Volt).
  • The Mosquito Magnet is reputed to protect up to 1 acre.
  • There is some maintenance involved (entailing additional costs, as well), which is as follows:
  • 1. The propane tank must be refilled periodically.
  • 2. The attractant cartridges must be replaced every 21 days.
  • 3. The nets must be replaced periodically, as they become filled with your dead victims.

My Review: No Magic Bullet, but Worth a Try

In this review I speak of the "Mosquito Magnet," but much of the information here pertains equally to Coleman's "Deleto." But the Coleman product, besides trapping insects, also uses an "Inhibitor" that gives off a chemical to keep mosquitoes away.

How does the Mosquito Magnet work? On a basic level, the principle is simple enough, but the mechanical implementation is quite complex, meaning there is lots of potential for malfunction (which, of course, could mean maintenance costs for you). The Mosquito Magnet uses the combination of heated, moist air, carbon dioxide and the attractant, "octenol" to fool mosquitoes into thinking it is a breathing, warm-blooded creature. Once lured near the device, the biting pests are vacuumed into a net, where they are killed through dehydration.

This insect trap is essentially composed of three large parts. A 20 lb. propane gas tank (not included in your purchase) is one of those parts. This tank sits on a frame that has wheels, for increased portability. The third part lies above the propane tank, supported by a post. This third part is the real "guts" of the Mosquito Magnet and is itself composed of specialized parts: namely, the power pack, the nets into which the mosquitoes are lured, the vacuuming tube and the attractant carrier. A gas line feeds the propane gas into the guts of the unit, where it is converted into carbon dioxide, creating the illusion of human breath.

Is this product worth buying?

Again, this is largely a personal decision. If you are not doing well financially, a better bet for you may be insect repellent. But if you can spare the money and are the type of person who can't resist trying a promising gadget, the Mosquito Magnet Patriot insect trap may be right up your alley.

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