18 Beautiful Moss Wall Ideas for Your Home

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    Living Walls Lend Natural Beauty to Interiors

    Nothing uplifts a home like beautiful greenery. That is why we are huge fans of moss walls. They are easy to grow, but if you have a black thumb, there are plenty of faux and even naturally preserved options perfect for getting your green on. Ready to learn more? We gathered our favorites examples for enlivening for home. Here are 18 stylish moss walls for any room in your abode.

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    Preserved Moss Wall

    Just because you are not very good at keeping plants alive does not mean you cannot have natural greenery in your space. Case in point, this preserved moss wall panel spotted on the U.K. site PlantCare. It is genuine and sustainably grown moss that is preserved thanks to natural glycerin and dyes. The result is a one of a kind piece of plant art that only you will know is not living.

    Preserved Moss Wall by PlantCare

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    Moss Walls are Perfect for Steamy Bathrooms

    Moss walls are ideal for bathrooms because they soak up the water from steam. San Franciso, California based Architectural firm, Siol, created this master bathroom that not only facilitates the homeowner's daily needs but also satisfies the craving for gorgeous natural greenery. 

    Master Bathroom Moss Wall by Siol Studios

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    Moss Walls in a New York City Kitchen

    In this New York City apartment, bricked windows conceal an unattractive view, and become a fetching focal point courtesy of two moss wall panels by Artisan Moss. Artisan Moss is situated in California. Erin Kinsey, the owner of the company, refers to her work as plant paintings and after a good look, it is easy to understand why. 

    Because Kinsey's creations are natural plants that have been preserved they do not require sunlight or water and even better don’t attract bugs. Another good to know if you have outdoor allergies moss walls like this one do not produce spores or pollen.

    Moss Walls in a New York City Kitchen by Artisan Moss

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    Dramatic Moss Wall in a Dining Room

    Studio Svetti Architecture out of Italy transformed an old farmhouse into this cosmopolitan haven. The home's vibrant interior reflects the rustic countryside. Our favorite spot in the house is the dining room. Covering the walls are abundant greenery and moss.

    Dramatic Moss Wall in a Dining Room by Studio Svetti Architecture

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    This Moss Wall Is Work of Botanical Art

    The living wall designers at Verti Grow situated in London, England designed this stunning creation for a small condo. The preserved piece of botanical wall art enlivens the main living area. And best of all, because the moss is no longer living yet free from decay, it requires no watering.

    Botanical Wall Moss Art by Verti Grow

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    Create a Lovely View With a Stunning Vertical Garden

    If your home lacks a beautiful view, you can create one with a stunning backyard garden wall that features moss and leafy plants. Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders situated in northern California did just that for this historic home in the Cow Hollow neighborhood. Now every single window facing the small outdoor space has a lovely view.

    Vertical Garden by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

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    New York City Condo With a Vertical Moss Garden

    We adore the luxurious small tub in this drool-worthy bathroom in a highly personalized condo in New York City's east village. California based CM Natural Design designed this. The moss wall panel above the tub gets all the nutrients it needs from the steamy air.

    Moss Wall Panel by CM Natural Design

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    Custom Made Moss Wall Panel

    Boston based Interior designer, Nikki Dalrymple is the owner of Acquire, the design firm that custom made this beautiful moss wall panel. The rustic piece of art adds a touch warmth to the modern living space.

    Custom Made Moss Wall Panel by Acquire

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    100 Percent Maintenance Free Preserved Moss Wall

    This gorgeous moss wall by the plant designers at New Jersey-based Flowerbox is 100 percent maintenance free. The design uses natural and beautifully preserved greenery to create a one-of-a-kind vertical garden.

    100 Percent Maintenance Free Preserved Moss Wall by Flowerbox

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    Moss Wall Paired With Stacked Stone Veneer

    You can get mighty creative with a moss wall. This glorious for instance by Vert Grow includes a few ferns and decorative branches for added visual interest. We also love the idea of pairing a vertical garden with a stacked stone veneer wall as shown. The lovely mix of natural textures is undoubtedly eye-catching.

    Moss Wall Paired With Stacked Stone Veneer by Vert Grow

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    Enliven a Neutral Bedroom With Moss Wall Panels

    Here are three small moss wall panels by California based Artisan Moss. They'll give a bedroom with a neutral color scheme a big dose of natural greenery.

    Moss Wall Panels by Artisan Moss

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    Storage Unit With Built-In Moss Panels

    No one should have to choose between practical wall storage and beautiful greenery. Fortunately, we spotted an ingenious solution. Behold this custom entertainment center by U.K. based Vantage Spaces. It includes two lovely moss panels.

    Storage Unit With Built-In Moss Panels by Vantage Spaces

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    Punch up Your Entryway With Moss Wall Art

    You can cover an entire wall with moss or add a few panels to punch up your current décor. The botanical art shown here was custom made for this entryway by Artisan Moss out of California. Adding beautiful greenery to your foyer makes a welcoming first impression.

    Botanical Wall Moss Art by Artisan Moss

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    Moss Wall Room Divider in a Bathroom

    Here is another lovely living moss wall in an English townhouse. The bathroom was designed and renovated by Stephen Fletcher Architects.

    Moss Wall Room Divider by Stephen Fletcher Architects

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    Moss Wall in a Black Living Room

    San Diego, California based Good Earth Plant Company installed the moss wall in this black living room. The greenery is preserved lichen sustainably harvested in the Netherlands before being assembled in France via a government-funded program that provides jobs to autistic workers. Panels like these come in nine different colors, which all use nontoxic food coloring. 

    Moss Wall in a Black Living Room by Good Earth Plant Company

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    Custom Made Moss Wall Signage

    Moss can also be used to create lively wall signage. Custom signs like this one by the living wall designers at Green Wallscapes out of West Palm Beach, Florida, adds both whimsy and greenery to a living space.

    Custom Made Moss Wall Signage by Green Wallscapes

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    Moss Wall Panel With Hot Pink Accents

    We mentioned earlier that moss could be dyed a range of different colors using natural and non-toxic colorants. The botanical masterpiece in this living room is by Planted Design out of Emeryville, California. The company specializes in creating maintenance-free plant creations for people who do not have the skills or time to keep their greenery alive or healthy. The wall panel designed for this open concept home combines natural greenery with moss that was dyed hot pink.

    Moss Wall Panel With Hot Pink Accents by Planted Design

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    Create a Faux Living Wall With Faux Greenery

    Emma Chapman, one of the bloggers behind Beautiful Mess created this faux living wall for her home office. While she used fake grass to create the illusion of moss, you can find faux moss at most craft stores. For the record, she purchased all of her artificial greenery at Michaels.

    Faux Living Wall With Faux Greenery by Beautiful Mess