Instagram's Most Cheerful Spring Shelfies Will Inspire You to Redecorate—STAT!

Plus, details on exactly to achieve just the right look you want

Spring shelfies inspiration #SpringShelfies

@modernhousevibes / @ourpottedhome / @thisissimplicite

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and there is a freshness in the air. It’s springtime! Doesn’t it just make you want to throw open your windows and sing?

Shelfies are having their moment. And we're seeing all sorts of bits of spring popping up on people’s amazing shelves. Scrolling through Instagram brightens up our day when we see pops of pastels, beautiful flowers, and little nods to spring taking over the shelves on home decor accounts. We spoke with five creators of some gorgeous #SpringShelfies to help inspire some updates on your (possibly dusty) shelf.

White Shelving With Pops of Color

Beuautiful spring shelfies from @thisissimplicite #SpringShelfies


Who: Mansa of @thisissimplicite

Her shelves are filled with gorgeous flowers that add the perfect pop of color to her room.

Tips from Mansa: “Balance is the most important part of styling shelves. I use a variety of objects including vases, florals, photo frames and sentimental items to style shelves, and alternating them in a zig zag fashion across your shelves makes it the most visually pleasing. Playing with color and contrast is also important. Using muted tones like whites, blacks and greys and then a pop of color always draws your eyes to the shelves,” said Mansa. “ This spring, I added a pop of bright pink and peach, and you will notice that all the floral arrangements are similar in color. A way to add some variation is to play around with the size of the arrangement. Some floral arrangements are larger with bigger flowers like peonies and roses, while others are smaller with just a few stems placed in smaller vases,” she added.

Mansa said she takes a seasonal approach to styling her shelves so we can’t wait to see what she does with them next.

A Warm Palette for a Bathroom

Spring shelfie in a bathroom by Janel from @ourpottedjungle #SpringShelfie


Who: Janel from @ourpottedhome

We love the use of similar tones, which really draws your eye in.

Tips from Janel: “I think the most important tips to note to yourself when styling are: having a simple color palette, using height and variety to draw the eye around your shelf and a theme to tell the story!” She added, “Any time you add some greenery to your space, you're going to bring "the outdoors in" for a fresh look, so the faux greenery is always a lovely touch.”

Pastel Pinks and Muted Tones

Pastels and muted tones make for an amazing spring shelfie #SpringShelfie


Who: Ana from @modernhousevibes

We love the combination of pastels and muted tones on her #SpringShelfie.

Tips from Ana: "When creating a good shelfie, I like to have similar items to create a cohesive look. I like to add natural elements, vases, leaning wall art, dried florals, plants and books. I like to layer and group decor so the eye can jump from one spot to another creating interest.” To give it a nice spring vibe she said, “I like to add warm wood tones and spring-like wall art. I add dried florals to vases and I always style my shelves with plants. They add a lot of life and texture.”

Plants, Books, Natural Materials for a Kitchen Shelfie

 Interior designer Miffy Shaw's kitchen shelfie includes plants, natural materials, and books #SpringShelfie


Who: Interior Designer Miffy Shaw @Miffyshaw

Her amazing kitchen shelfie is so well curated it could work in almost any room.

Tips from Miffy: “To create a good shelfie you need to create interest with different textures and items. My go-to shelfie pieces are plants, books and your favourite knickknacks depending on what room your shelf is in. Put different sizes, colours and textures near one another to make them pop!” When I asked about adding things for spring she continued, “I’ve added even more plants as I’m missing the greenery in my garden! I also redecorated so I removed all the navy items and added more white and natural materials such as wooden bowls and wicker pots. I wanted them to have a more organic and earth feel.”