7 Most Efficient Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Efficient and budget-friendly kitchen cabinet organizers

Simple and efficient kitchen cabinet organizers make your life easier by providing some built-in organization to kitchen cabinets. They will assist you in grouping like items together (one of the basic goals of organizing anything), and make things easier to see and reach. However, don't go overboard: simple and efficient also means streamlined.

The trick is to add in helpful items, not add in more "stuff" just for the sake of organization. Test these products, mix and match and...MORE decide which make your life easier and which just take up space.

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    Efficient Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

    Also called a cabinet dolly or a Lazy Susan, these allow you to store small objects and view them without having to take your entire spice collection out of the cabinet to find the cumin. A turntable is great for storing the following:

    • Spices
    • Condiments
    • Oils and ​vinegars
    • Baking supplies
    • Utensils stored upright
    • Vitamins and supplements


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    Pan Dividers
    Pan Dividers. Photo /The Container Store

    For the serious cook, a pan divider will organize and store your baking pans vertically to maximize space. I recommend storing pans in a bottom cabinet, and standing them on their sides makes them much easier to access (and put away once the dishes are done).

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    Expandable Cabinet Shelf Divider
    Expandable Cabinet Shelf Divider. Photo / Brylane Home

    This is the kitchen version of the closet double hang. You are literally doubly the amount of space to stack dishes and glassware in your cabinets. Make sure to stack the heavier objects on the bottom shelf and the lighter ones up top: expandable cabinet organizer

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    Under Shelf Baskets
    Under Shelf Baskets. Photo / The Container Store

    The perfect item for that dead spaces at the top of cabinets are directly under them. Under shelf baskets can be used for smaller items, kitchen towels or a cookbook. Pictured at left is the Container Store's basic under shelf basket to hep you organize the space under the shelf

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    Linus Spice Racks
    Linus Spice Racks. Photo / The Container Store

    Spices can easily become unwieldy and may start to take over your cabinets. This is because we buy new spices as recipes call for them and rarely finish a complete bottle--at least I don't (with the exception of Penzy's Fox Point, I always finish that). I recommend a spice rack with graduated shelving so you can see each spice without having to touch every jar. Recommendation: the very simple and attractive Linus spice organizer pictured at left. 

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    Cabinet Cup Rack
    Cabinet Cup Rack. Photo / Spectrum

    Very useful for organizing mugs (or any glassware with a handle), these sliding cup racks attach to the bottom of the cabinet. Another alternative is to affix some Command Hooks.

    Hanging mugs and tea cups may also add a nice decorative tough to your kitchen.

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    Roll Out Kitchen Storage
    Roll Out Kitchen Storage. Photo / Lynk Professional

    Wonderful for use in bottom cabinets, roll out storage's big advantage is allowing you to see the entire contents of a cabinet at once rather than having to hunt your way towards the back.

    The downside? The apparatus will take up a little bit of room in each cabinet cutting down on storage space.

    My picks are Lynk Professional line is for roll-out trays (pictured left), and Simplehuman's wide roll-out cabinet organizer.


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    Spice Organizer
    Spice Organizer. Amazon

     A spice organizer allows you to store your spices at different heights so you can see more of them when you open your cabinet. And you don't just have to store spices this way, you can use the spice organizer for:

    • Spices
    • Condiments
    • Small Tupperware
    • Vitamins and supplements
    • Baking mixes
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    Cabinet organizer for pots and pans
    Cabinet organizer for pots and pans. Amazon

     Don't you hate it when your pots and pans get all disorganized inside your cabinet? Well, here's help: the cookware organizer keeps not only your pots and pans in place and organized, but it neatly stores their lids, too. 

    It will fit in most bottom cabinets (make sure you measure before ordering!) and is easy to install.