Most Embarrassing Etiquette Moments

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    Was My Face Red!

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    Embarrassing faux pas can can leave you wanting to run for the hills, never to show your face in public again. Remember that unless you've done something to hurt someone, you're probably the only person who remembers. 

    However, there are some embarrassing things you might do that will have a lasting effect, so try to avoid doing them. Be careful not to say rude things that can leave a bad impression. Use extra care when you need to correct someone. And make every effort possible to be on...MORE time. Habitual tardiness will have others not wanting to make plans with you.

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    Toilet Paper Tail

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    Most people have experienced a harmless but still embarrassing situation that has made people laugh, and the toilet paper tail is a common one. The scenario typically begins in a public restroom. When it's time to leave, you walk out and notice other people staring at you and perhaps even snickering.

    When you get back to your cubicle, the person at the next desk leans over and asks if you're growing a tail. You look down in confusion and see a long string of toilet paper either coming out...MORE of your skirt or attached to your shoe. Now you know why people are amused, but you are practically dying of embarrassment. You make a vow to check yourself next time you visit the restroom.

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    Wrong Name

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    Forgetting the name of a friend, coworker, or client can be quite embarrassing, particularly when it happens at a critical time of the relationship. It can even hit your pocketbook if you are a commission salesperson.

    Whether you've known the person for years or just met that day, find ways of remembering someone's name. If you're unsure, stop for a moment and gather your thoughts before introducing others.

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    Mustard Mustache

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    Whether you're a guy trying to impress his favorite girl or someone who wants to make a good impression, you don't want to walk around with food on your face. A young man trying to be cool needs to be extra cautious not to have leftover relish or mustard in his facial hair after eating a hotdog.  

    If you see someone with food on her face, you should also be gracious enough to let her know. Don't be that person who is amused when your friends have in their teeth or something that would...MORE embarrass them for the public to see. The best way to do this is to calmly and privately inform him or her. You can even offer a napkin or tissue if you have one.

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    Good Intentions, Wrong Address

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    Be extra careful when addressing envelopes. Whether you are sending gifts, letters, or thank you notes of any kind—for birthday presents, sympathy flowers, wedding gifts, or hostess gifts—you want to make sure they get to their intended destination.

    A wrong address might seem harmless, but when it comes back "no such address," you'll need to spend time finding the correct address for that person. Do it right the first time, and you can save yourself the hassle of sending it out again.

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    Cheerful Toast Turns Bad

    Wedding toast
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    Be careful what you say in your toast to the bride and groom. There have been many wedding toasts that have left someone embarrassed because something was mentioned that the bride or groom didn't want others to know about.

    It's always a good idea to write out what you plan to say in advance. If there's anything you're not sure about, run it by the bride or groom to make sure it's okay to reveal the information to the crowd. You don't want to talk about an incident where...MORE the bride was somewhere she wasn't supposed to be or the groom was in an embarrassing situation that may have the bride wondering if she married the right guy.