Most Frequently Asked Feng Shui Questions

feng shui questions
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Before delving into feng shui, it might be helpful to understand that no matter how it is presented today, the truth is that feng shui is a deeply mysterious and of course, ancient body of knowledge, so to reduce its complexity to "move your chair, change your life" is just not intelligent.

As an ancient art and science, feng shui also has many, many subtle layers, each with its own nuances, textures, and guidelines, so people that benefit the most from applying feng shui are the ones that apply it in an intelligent way, with a discerning eye, a bit of pragmatism combined with a lot of curiosity, patience, and respect.
If you are a feng shui explorer, below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that you might find helpful.

I am new to feng shui, where do I start?

The 7 basic feng shui steps should help you get you started, and the easy feng shui for beginners will also help.

I am confused about feng shui and various feng shui schools, can you help?

Yes, feng shui can seem confusing because of different feng shui schools of thought. Once you have decided which feng shui school to apply it should get easier. There are 2 different ways to define the main feng shui tool called bagua, or the energy map of your space, it is good to be aware of that from the very beginning and choose one. 

I am fascinated with feng shui! How do I become a feng shui consultant?

Good for you, the world definitely needs more feng shui consultants! Check these tips for becoming a feng shui consultant. Usually, one would be considered a feng shui consultant after completion of professional training coupled with years of constant research, practice, and study.

My house is full of clutter, can feng shui help me clear it out?

Yes, it can! As it must, because there can be no good feng shui in a house burdened by clutter. Check these easy feng shui system to help you clear your clutter.

Where can I buy good feng shui products?

First, it is good to be sure as to what feng shui cures/symbols/products will look good and harmonious in your home. Second, explore gift shops, garden stores and, of course, home decor stores for beautiful feng shui additions to your home.