Most Frequently Asked Feng Shui Questions

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Whether you're new to feng shui or have been practicing this philosophy for years, oftentimes it's hard to find solid answers to questions that arise. This list of the most frequently asked feng shui questions provides you with plenty of details and information surrounding these topics. You'll be able to create your best home in no time.

What Is the Feng Shui Bagua Map?

Feng shui is a philosophy and approach to working with your environment to create fluidity and harmony in your everyday life. It’s mindfulness of the spaces around you.

The Bagua is the feng shui energy map. It can be applied to a single room, your whole house, or your entire property. The Bagua divides your space into eight life areas around a center. Apply the Bagua map with the cardinal directions of your home or individual rooms within your home.

Feng shui bagua map

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I’m New to Feng Shui. Where Do I Start?

If you’re new to feng shui, a good place to start is your bedroom. Why? Your bedroom is the space that’s closest to you. If you think about how many hours of the day you spend there, it’s a large percentage of your time. And this time is spent in a passive and resting state, where you are more susceptible to the energies around you.

Another reason to start with your bedroom is that it represents you. It’s the embodiment of the idea that you start working on yourself, then move outward.

Lay the Bagua map over a sketch of your bedroom. Take some time to contemplate the Bagua sectors, and choose one or two that speak to you the most. You can activate some change in these life areas by bringing attention to the corresponding space in your bedroom. It can be a simple change like adding a plant or decluttering the area. 

What Direction Should My Head Be Facing in Bed?

This question comes up more often than you might think. There are different ways to approach this question depending on which feng shui school you’re using. In BTB feng shui, your bed is best placed in the commanding position. 

The commanding position is ideal because it puts you in command of your space. You can clearly see your opportunities and sleep in a restful direction. When you are in the commanding position you will also have a sense of safety, relaxation, and control.

commanding bed position

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Above are two examples of the bed in a commanding position. When you are in bed, it’s ideal to be able to see the door while you lay down. But you don’t want to be in direct line with the door, with your feet facing out. This is sometimes referred to as the “coffin position.” The bed is best located diagonally from the door, with the headboard supported by a wall behind it.

In some bedrooms, it's impossible to place the bed in command because of the architectural features. In this case, you can correct the bed for the commanding position. Place a mirror so that when you’re in bed, you can see the door. A full-length standing mirror is ideal for this. They are easy to move around and get in just the right position.

Which Front Door Do I Use to Lay the Bagua Map?

When you lay out the feng shui Bagua map, you always use the formal front door. If you're laying out the Bagua on your home, use the formal front door even though you may use the garage or side door all the time.

If you’re laying the Bagua on a room, use the main door. If there are two main doors, use the door with the most energy or the one that’s used most often. This also applies if there are two formal front doors. In feng shui, we call the front door the “mouth of qi." This is where and how energy enters your home. 

What If There Is a Toilet in My Wealth Area?

While it’s not ideal to have a toilet in the wealth area, sometimes (most times) you don’t have the option to move it. Thankfully, there is still hope for you. A lot of feng shui can correct these types of imbalances. 

A toilet in the wealth area may indicate that your finances can drain away. If you can’t relocate, you can use a living green plant above or next to the toilet as a remedy. The plant and soil can use the draining water energy and transform it into positive upward life energy.

Is It Good Feng Shui to Have a Mirror in the Bedroom?

There are some schools of feng shui that recommend against using a mirror facing the bed. This comes from the idea that while you’re sleeping, your spirit may leave your body. In this state, the spirit may get confused about whether to return to your body or the figure in the reflection.

In BTB feng shui, it’s perfectly acceptable and sometimes recommended to have a mirror in the bedroom. For instance, if your bed is not in the commanding position, it is recommended you place a mirror to correct the bed location. But, if you feel uncomfortable with a mirror facing you in bed, definitely honor that.