10 Outrageous Bedrooms You Have to See to Believe

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    Outrageous Bedrooms

    Photo courtesy of Kravitz Design

    Love them or hate them, these ten bedrooms definitely turn interior decorating into an extreme sport. Still, whether the rooms are your decorating dream or nightmare, you can pick up a design tip or two from each.  

    Lenny Kravitz

    Sure, Lenny Kravitz knows his way around the recording studio – and he’s got the Grammys to prove it. But did you know that he’s also an avid interior designer, with a firm of his own called Kravitz Design? This outrageous bedroom is in his Miami beach house. While it might look like the room is underwater, it’s actually just super-glossy lacquer.

    Takeaway tip: If you want to use color this extreme in the bedroom, balance it out with plenty of white, cream or tan to tame the intensity. Otherwise, it might be hard to fall asleep. Here, the retro shag carpeting, white bedding and white furniture provide a soothing counterpoint to all the color and shine.

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    Otherworldly Glamour

    Photo courtesy of The Centric Home

    It’s hard to describe the decorating style here – it’s quite glamorous, it has some elements of Art Deco and it makes excellent use of a soothingly neutral palette… and yet, if you needed a movie set for a bedroom on an alien world, this one would work perfectly.

    Takeaway tip: There’s actually a lot of great design here. The neutral color scheme is lovely, but when you decorate with a palette this monochrome, you risk monotony. Add plenty of pattern and touches of metallic gold, as in this room, and the look remains peaceful, yet never boring.

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    Animal House

    Photo courtesy of Emily Andrews

    It’s hard to say whether all those animal heads would be comforting company at night or give you bad dreams. Either way, this bedroom (actually the entire apartment) shows off the $1 million taxidermy collection of author and socialite Gregory Speck. And no, Speck didn’t personally shoot the many animals on display – he simply has a passion for collecting taxidermy.

    Takeaway tip: Every bedroom should show off the personality of its owner with a few well-loved pieces – but preferably, quite a bit fewer than here.

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    Xanadu Room

    Photo courtesy of Barbara D'Arcy

    Back in the 1960s and 70s, designer Barbara D’Arcy White created elaborately beautiful and futuristic rooms that were displayed inside the New York City Bloomingdale’s department store. This bedroom, called the Xanadu Room, was one such design. It’s a wonderful look at the future as imagined in the past.

    Takeaway tip: No matter what the decade, a bedroom should be relaxing. The large platform bed with its thick bedding and many throw pillows here invites you to stretch out and feel good. Picture this bedroom in a contemporary color scheme, and while it would still be retro, it wouldn’t feel at all dated.

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    Corian Fantasy

    Photo courtesy of DuPont Corian

    Think Corian is only for kitchen and bathroom countertops? Well, think again, because this bedroom, part of an entire home interior designed by Karim Rashid for DuPont, is entirely Corian. The style is a blend of many things: retro shapes, curves and lines that almost look organic, futuristic sensibilities and an overall appearance that could just as easily be on another world.

    Takeaway tip: This bedroom makes great use of spot lighting to show off its various features. Whether its artwork, great architecture or a wonderful view, you can use lighting to direct attention where you want it to go.

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    Glass House

    Photo courtesy of Santambroglio Milano

    You definitely wouldn’t want to throw a stone in this bedroom, or anywhere in the house, for that matter. This concept home by Italian design firm Santambrogio Milan is entirely glass: walls, floors, ceiling, staircase and furniture.

    Takeaway tip: While you’re unlikely to ever live in a glass house, if you love the sleek look of minimalism or similar streamlined styles, spread your bed with a thick, soft blanket to chase away the decorating chill.

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    Think Pink

    Photo courtesy of Homedit

    Here’s a room that might be too girlie even for Barbie. That’s a lot of pink and red, and a lot of velvet, although the headboard is gorgeous. The boldly patterned carpet holds its own against the fabric walls and ceiling, and adds a welcome touch of non-pink and non-red color.

    Takeaway tip: There’s no law stating that your bedroom ceiling has to be white. You might not want to drape it in fabric, but you can certainly paint it a striking color to set off the rest of the décor.

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    Mosaic Masterpiece

    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    Do you like tile and mosaics? Really, really like them? Then you’ll love this bedroom, which is just one room of many in a luxury villa off the coast of Italy. While all that tile is beautiful, lining your entire bedroom in a cold, hard and slippery surface probably isn’t the best idea: the echo might keep you awake at night.

    Takeaway tip: You can tie together a multitude of patterns as long as they share similar colors and scale.

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    Dive Right In

    Photo courtesy of Viral Nova

    It’s nice to relax after a refreshing dip in the pool, and this bedroom makes both of those activities very convenient. Still, the smell of chlorine isn’t likely to help you sleep, and this is definitely NOT the room for a sleepwalker.

    Takeaway tip: While color is the element most often used to tie together a room’s décor, another alternative is the use of shape, as demonstrated by the round bed on the round platform here.  

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    The Future Is Now

    Photo courtesy of DigsDigs

    This futuristic bedroom was part of an exhibition in Odessa. There’s really nothing restful about this room – the diagonal lines and irregular shapes give it an anxious, imbalanced feel – but it’s good to see that apparently, even in the future, people will still read paper books.  

    Takeaway tip: All it takes is a shot or two of color, like the bright red here, to wake up a gray bedroom.