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    If you're soon-to-be-engaged and your partner welcomes your input, then you'll need to provide plenty of information as to the type of engagement ring you want. (Not sure yourself? Take this quiz to determine your engagement ring style.)

    It definitely doesn't pay to be coy about what you have in mind, especially when it comes to diamond shape/cut, metal type and color, and any special details (like side stones, filigree or engraving, or a matte finish). The best way to get your point across? Visual aids. To make it super easy to find and compile engagement rings you like, consider signing up with an engagement ring registry such as Reverie, a Pinterest-esque hub of more than 2,000 engagement ring photos. The beauty of the site is that its technology facilitates communicating your ring shopping preferences to your partner. You can create and share an inspiration board filled with photos that best capture your desired look, but the cool thing is that Reverie users can also prepare a complete engagement ring dossier that includes everything from your ring size, ideal setting style, stone type/shape, even the minimum carat weight. Doesn't get any more specific than that! 

    In fact, many of the images on Reverie are credited to a designer/manufacturer, making it possible to pinpoint and share the exact ring you want if you don't want to leave anything to chance. But if your criteria's more fluid? Your engagement ring will still technically be a surprise. Because your inspiration board is exactly that - a curated selection of ideas to give your "engagement ring shopper" the tools to get it right. They need only flash your Reverie profile to a sales person at the jewelry store to see options that align with your favorite styles. From there, its only a matter of time before you're snapping selfies with a ring on your finger.

    What are the most popular engagement rings on the site? We put the question to Harrison Long, CEO of Reverie, and we're thrilled to share them with you in this post. These are the pics that pop up on Reverie users' inspiration boards the most—a great place to start when compiling one of your own.

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    How Reverie Works

    But first, a quick tutorial on how Reverie works so you know what to expect.

    Sign up at to create a profile. Then browse their Ring Feed in search of styles you like - clicking the heart icon adds the photo to your inspiration board. When you're ready to share your profile with someone, Reverie will email a link to the address you provided. You won't know if the recipient has viewed your profile but hopefully you won't be left wondering for long!

    Now, on to Reverie's "Most Wanted" engagement rings. 

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    Hot: Mixed Metals

    Diamond Mansion/Reverie

    "This year has been about breaking the rules, and one of the hottest styles to emerge is the mixed metal look," says  Reverie CEO, Harrison Long. "In this example, the combination of rose gold and platinum perfectly complement each other. But be careful at work, this engagement ring might create a little friendly office #ringenvy."

    Engagement ring by Diamond Mansion

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    Hot: Mixed Metals

    Verragio/Mixed Metals

     Engagement ring by Verragio

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    Hot: Oval Center Stones

    Trabert Goldsmiths/Reverie

    "One of the hottest trends in engagement rings is the surging popularity of oval diamond center stones. It’s a beautiful and unique shape—If you’re not familiar with this one, then you need to get all ‘oval’ it!" 

    Engagement ring by Trabert Goldsmiths 

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    Hot: Oval Center Stones

    Ring Concierge/Reverie

    Engagement ring by Ring Concierge 

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    Hot: Rose Gold

    Lauren Priori/Reverie

    "Nothing quite says romance like a rose gold engagement ring. With its soft, pretty-in-pink hue, it’s hard not to fall in love with this choice of metal. If your’e a hopeless romantic, this metal has your name all over it."

     Engagement ring by Lauren Priori

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    Hot: Rose Gold

    Brilliant Earth/Reverie

     Engagement ring by Brilliant Earth

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    Hot: Wedding Bands with Baguettes

    Zizov Diamonds/Reverie

    "When it comes to wedding bands, we’re thrilled to see brides choosing baguette eternity bands. Timeless and exquisite."

    Engagement ring and wedding band by Zizov Diamonds 

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    Hot: Geometric Wedding Bands

    Single Stone/Reverie

    "Another popular style  is the geometric wedding band. The clean and distinct lines of these designs complement just about any diamond shape. Many brides-to-be are opting for these types of wedding bands because they create the perfect balance between classic and contemporary."

    Spectra wedding band by Trabert Goldsmiths; solitaire diamond engagement ring by Single Stone

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    Hot: Intricate Details

    Raymond Lee Jewelers/Reverie

    "Ornate engagement rings have been really popular this year. The intricacy of pierced openwork and other decorative elements make us, and our users, swoon. How can someone not think, 'So pretty!' when they see something like this?"

    Engagement ring from Raymond Lee Jewelers

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    Hot: Intricate Details


      Engagement ring by Verragio