The Most Popular Halloween Costumes—for the Weirdest Spooky Season Ever

Usual suspects like Bonnie & Clyde, plus Cobra Kai, Baby Yoda, and more

baby dressed as a pumpkin

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Halloween parades might be cancelled, and trick-or-treating might look differently to keep everyone safe, but that doesn't mean you need to take the fun out of Halloween. From going all out with decorations in your yard to having a costume contest with your friends and family virtually, or in a small group, you should embrace all of the extra time we have on our hands and get creative with your Halloween attire. Get inspired and into the Halloween spirit with the hottest, most-Googled Halloween 2020 costume trends for the entire family, including your furry friends. 

Frightful Fashions

Warning: These action-packed costumes may transport you to another world—which might not be a bad thing.

  1. Cobra Kai: It's the modern day Karate Kid. It’s no surprise the top costume comes from the popular Netflix TV series, which is based on the beloved 1984 movie and stars original Karate Kid actors, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka renewing their 36-year-old rivalry. This costume, loved by young and old, will leave you kicking and screaming your way into Halloween. 
  2. Dungeon Master: Taking on the role of Dungeon Master is no simple task. If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, you’re going to love this costume. Command respect when you enter the room (physically or virtually) and get ready to challenge your participants. 
  3. The Mandalorian: Step into the shoes of Din Djarin, the lone bounty hunter. This costume is inspired by the first live-action series of Star Wars on Disney+ and will allow you to safely explore other galaxies (or rooms in your house). Get ready, fans, season 2 premieres Oct. 30, making for the perfect stay-at-home Halloween activity.
  4. Space Cowgirl 
  5. Trolls 
  6. Belle 
  7. Marshmello 
  8. Inflatable shark 
  9. Firefighter
  10. Sanderson sisters

Kid Approved

From superheroes to witches, this season's top costumes are spooktacular and powerful. 

  1. Supergirl: Strap on your cape and embrace your inner Kara Zor-el, from the hit show, Supergirl. As one of the last surviving Kryptonians, and Superman's cousin, it’s your duty to fight off the criminals, aka anyone who tries to steal your candy. 
  2. Flamingo: This vibrant and cheerful costume is one that we could all use in our life. Getting a pre-made one is cool, but making your own out of tutus, feathers, and a pink jumpsuit will not only make your costume unique, it’ll be a fun project to tackle.
  3. Hocus Pocus: It’s no surprise that one of the most popular Halloween movies of all time is also a top costume this year. Dress up like one of the Sanderson sisters and get ready to cast spells on anyone who crosses your path. 
  4. Witch 
  5. Glinda 
  6. Robot 
  7. Maui
  8. Bat 
  9. Sally 
  10. Werewolf 
children dressed as robots
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Costumes for Two

From Disney BFF’s to passionate criminals, there’s a couple costume for every duo.

  1. Bonnie and Clyde: If you love the cool-gangster look, grab your partner in crime and dress up like the 1930’s couple that went on a 21-month crime spree. They're a popular pick each year.
  2. Lilo and Stitch: Dress up like the Hawaiian beauty and her blue alien friend and get ready to dance the night away.
  3. Cosmo and Wanda: If you loved The Fairly OddParents growing up, this costume was made for you and your partner. These magical fairy costumers are easy to DIY. Grab a magic wand, some fairy wings, hair paint, gold crowns, and float into Halloween in style.
  4. Coraline and Wybie
  5. Lydia and Beetlejuice
  6. Mario and Luigi
  7. Woody and Jessie
  8. Angel and Devil
  9. Phineas and Ferb
  10. Sharkboy and Lavagirl 

Furry Friends

Is there anything cuter than your pet dressed up as a taco or Twinkie? While your furry friend might not agree, this is definitely the pick me up that we need in 2020. 

  1. Cat taco
  2. Corgi stegosaurus
  3. Twinkie 
  4. Beetlejuice 
  5. Fish 
  6. Woody dog 
  7. Chucky
  8. Frog 
  9. Pumpkin 
  10. Raccoon  
French bulldog dressed as a frog
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Little Ones

Babies are cute, but have you ever seen a baby dressed up like a chicken or lion? 

  1. Baby shark
  2. Baby Yoda
  3. Baby pumpkin
  4. Boss baby 
  5. Baby dinosaur 
  6. Baby Olaf 
  7. Baby chicken 
  8. Baby tiger 
  9. Baby bat 
  10. Baby lion 
baby dressed as a chicken
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Top searched dog costumes

  1. Chucky
  2. Spider costume
  3. Ewok
  4. Zero the dog
  5. Yoda
  6. Dog shark
  7. Stitch
  8. USPS dog
  9. Dog ghost
  10. Demogorgon dog
dog dressed as a ghost
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Top searched cat costumes

  1. Cat tuxedo
  2. Lion
  3. Pumpin
  4. Spider
  5. Dinosaur 
cat dressed as a dinosaur
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