Most Romantic Bedrooms

Lakeshore penthouse master bedroom

 Courtesy of Jessica Lagrange Interiors

The romantic style is not necessarily synonymous with frilly and feminine; it’s traditional -- yet not stuffy -- look that charms all five senses through silk, satin, floral patterns, soft color palettes, and painted or vintage pieces of furniture. Romance means setting the mood in your bedroom by filtering light through sheer curtains, using soft bedding, and positioning fragrant floral arrangements where they can best tickle your senses.

So if you are ready to add some romance to your bedroom, here are some great tips, photos, and ideas—starting with this romantic room designed by Jessica Lagrange Interiors--that will have you falling in love with your room all over again.

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    Add Glamour to a Romantic Bedroom

    Hollywood Glam Bedroom
    Courtesy of RSVP Design Services

    Create a glamorous and romantic bedroom--such as this wonderful room designed by RSVP Design Services--by incorporating a dazzling lighting fixture, silk or satin tufted headboard, and fun accent pillows with a variety of textures. Choose a variety of textures that appeal to the senses. Other popular additions to the romantic bedroom are vintage furniture, muted colors, and silky sheets or bedding.

    A unique piece in the room featured here is the chandelier drape that serves as a ceiling medallion. With a little ingenuity, you can duplicate the look for your own bedroom. Just take a soft, silky fabric that pleats easily, attach it to a thin piece of plywood with the fabric draped on the sides, pull the fabric up in the center, and--voilà--you have a custom-made chandelier drape. An easy, inexpensive touch of glamour and luxury for your bedroom. 

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    Add Romance to Many Decorating Styles

    Romantic cottage bedroom
    Courtesy of My Romantic Home

    You can work a touch of romantic style into just about any traditional decorating theme, including Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Cottage, French CountryTuscan, and Mediterranean. These decorating styles typically include soft or natural color schemes, painted or vintage furniture, lace, floral patterns, silk or satin bedding, and heirloom accessories; everything you need for a romantic vibe. My Romantic Home designed the adorable cottage bedroom featured here. 

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    Romantic Bedrooms that Appeal to Men

    Bedroom blue striped curtains
    Courtesy of Brian Watford Interiors

    Although the romantic style is undeniably feminine, it doesn’t have to exclude masculine sensibilities altogether. By incorporating traditionally masculine elements into your design--such as striped fabric, an overstuffed chair, and dark wood accessories—you can create a romantic bedroom that appeals to both sexes. This lovely eclectic bedroom from Brian Watford Interiors is a good example of a space that is romantic, yet very appealing to men and women alike. Notice the striped fabric on the window treatments, the dark wood furniture, and the soft, simple color scheme.

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    Romantic Color Schemes

    Feminine master bedroom
    Photo by Chris Smith / Courtesy of Heather O'Donovan Interior Design

    Two elements almost always found in the romantic bedroom are muted or pastel color schemes, and floral patterns. These might be found on furniture, pillows, bedding, window treatments, rugs, and even the walls. A good demonstration of both elements is shown in this stylish bedroom decorated by Heather O'Donovan Interior Design. Notice the lovely blue regal floral pattern on the bench, along with soft pastel colors in the various accent pillows. This bedroom also shows off another romantic touch: a little bit of sparkle added with accent pieces – here, it’s the lamps and mirrored chest.

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    Romance Tempts the Senses

    Shabby chic bedframe
    Courtesy of Stacey Costello Design

    Romance appeals to all of the senses. Soft, sensuous textures, luxurious and tempting fabrics, pleasant scents, and soothing sounds are all part of the romantic ​ambiance. Add a glass of wine or a small bedtime snack, and you’ve incorporated taste as well. In the relaxing and lovely room from Stacey Costello Design shown here, the silk drapes and blinds filter the light, creating a cozy, snug atmosphere perfect for romance. Along with the dim lighting, soft candlelight and fragrant floral arrangements complete the room’s overall romantic mood.

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    A Modern Twist to the Romantic Style

    Britto Charette Jade Ocean bedroom
    Courtesy of Britto Charette

    While often used with more traditional decorating themes, the romantic style can work in contemporary or modern bedrooms, as well. A good example is this modern bedroom design by Britto Charette, which uses modern furniture and a bold color scheme to provide the modern elements, while the red silk pillows, elegant chandelier, tufted headboard, and floral arrangement provide the soft romantic touches.

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    Sparkle and Shine in the Romantic Bedroom

    Nelson Wilson Interiors romantic bedroom
    Courtesy of Nelson Wilson Interiors

    Romantic bedrooms always work best if you add some sparkle and shine. Typically, this is accomplished with accents, such as mirrors, lamps, a silver vase, crystal chandeliers, or heirloom picture frames and trinkets. A good example is this traditional bedroom designed by Nelson Wilson Interiors, which uses several of those elements to add some luster and shimmer to an otherwise neutral color scheme. Besides the great shiny accents, this bedroom is another wonderful example on how to add some masculine elements to your romantic bedroom; the over-stuffed chair, heavy ornate pieces of furniture, and dark wood add a subtle and manly statement.

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