The 6 Most Useful Kitchen Storage Solutions

Spice Up Your Kitchen with Kitchen Storage Solutions

Assessing your storage space and adding the right kitchen storage solutions will give your kitchen several advantages:

  1. More space to work by freeing up your kitchen counters for cooking.
  2. Declutter by streamlining your kitchen essentials like spices and appliances.
  3. More efficiency by providing easier access to your most-used kitchen items.

Below are picks for the storage solutions that will make the biggest impact in your kitchen.

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    Kitchen cabinet storage solutions
    Kitchen cabinet storage solutions. Photo / Getty

    Get your kitchen cabinets in shape with these kitchen cabinet organizers. Cabinets need to be functional, and these organizers will help you to create more space while making your cabinets easier to use.

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    Food storage solutions

    Food storage solutions
    Food storage solutions. Photo / Getty

    If you're interested in buying food storage containers, here are two great uses for your food containers: 

    1. Store leftovers in food storage containers (I like Pyrex, pictured left) and follow these tips to keep your leftovers fresh longer:

    • Allow hot food to cool completely before putting the container back in the fridge.
    • Don't re-heat food in a plastic container in the microwave, re-heat in glass, or empty the food into a pot or onto a pan for re-heating. (This is why I prefer glass--one...MORE less step)
    • Date and label food that will be frozen so it is easily recognizable.
    • Store in portion sized-containers so you can grab-and-go.

    2. Transferring the food items from their bulky packaging into food storage containers will free up space and give your pantry that sought-after streamlined look.

    I hoard these food storage containers because they are glass, not plastic, and are perfectly-sized to bring leftovers in for lunch. 

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    Kitchen drawer + junk drawer storage solutions

    kitchen drawer storage
    kitchen drawer storage. Photo / Getty

    I've written about junk drawers in How to Organize Your Junk Drawer, there is a Junk Drawer Organizing Video, and I've even dedicated an entire lesson to them in my Home Organizing ECourse.

    An organized junk drawer is such a powerful tool in your kitchen and the key to organizing the space is to install drawer dividers that separate twist ties from coupons from scissors from all of the other little odds and ends that end up in a junk drawer.  I like these drawer dividers which are clear...MORE and can be used in either a shallow or deep drawer.

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    Roll Out Kitchen Storage
    Roll Out Kitchen Storage. Photo / Lynk Professional

    Your kitchen pantry is a very powerful storage space. Installing the right pantry storage solutions will help you to maximize this space so you can fit in all of the odds and ends you nee don hand in the kitchen.


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    Storage solutions for pots + pans

    Stainless Steel Pot Rack
    Stainless Steel Pot Rack. Photo / Range Kleen

    Pots are heavy, clunky, oddly shaped and hard to organize. Most sets don't nest very well together, and when I was living in a small apartment with a very tiny kitchen, I would wash my 3 pots and just store them on the stove. This worked for me, but if you have the space, I recommend hanging your pots out of the way on a pot rack. I like the Stainless Steel Pot Rack, pictured left.


    • Measure before you install - you want to keep your pots and pans in easy reach for every cook (and...MORE dishwasher) in your household.

    More pot + pan storage solutions. 

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    Spice storage solutions

    Linus Spice Racks
    Linus Spice Racks. Photo / The Container Store

    I like to be able to see each spice jar at a glance rather than removing them all from the cabinet to find the one I need ( and I bet you do, too). Here are my picks for spice storage


    • Buy a spice rack that has gradual elevation (like the Linus, pictured left). Sounds very "NASA" for a kitchen storage solution, I know, but a rack with different steps means you will be able to see at least the top half of every jar.
    • Only buy a wall rack if it can fit your entire spice collection in...MORE it, or purchase a small one that holds only the spices you use most often.
    • Streamline the look by emptying spices into matching jars and labeling each jar - it will look fantastic - but only for the uber organizers.