Mother's Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Mother's Day Gifts Preschoolers Can Make

Let your favorite preschooler make special Mother's Day crafts this year. Preschoolers will not only enjoy making these easy Mother's Day crafts, they will enjoy giving them to their favorite ladies as gifts! If you like, you can also print out a special homemade Mother's Day card to give along with the gift. You can also explore even more homemade Mother's Day gift ideas.

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    Candy Plant Craft
    Candy Plant Craft.
    Let your preschooler paint and decorate a clay pot, and then show them how to make candy flowers to fit it with.
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    CD Photo Decoration

    CD Photo Decoration
    CD Photo Decoration.
    Give your child a photo, a CD, a piece of ribbon, and some felt and help them create a unique hanging picture decoration.
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    Chenille Stem Flower
    Chenille Stem Flower.
    Show your young kids how they can bend, twist, and turn chenille stems into different shapes to make unique flowers.
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    Flower Blooming Pens
    Flower Blooming Pens.
    This project is a fun way to recycle old silk flowers into a useful pens. A very easy project everyone can enjoy.
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    Footprint T-Shirt Craft
    Footprint T-Shirt Craft.
    For this project, you will have to help your preschooler paint the bottom of his or her feet and then assist them in walking across a t-shirt.
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    Garden Marker Craft
    Garden Marker Craft.
    If mom is a gardener, let the kids make these easy garden markers out of wooden spoons and pictures of plants.
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    Growing Magnet Craft

    Growing Magnet Craft
    Growing Magnet Craft.
    The youngest kids will not only love creating this unique magnet, they will love watching the seed grow.
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    Hand Print Poem Gift
    Hand Print Poem Gift.
    This makes a fun wall hanging or Mother's Day card. Help the preschooler make a hand print on paper and then print out this special poem to go with it.
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    Hand Print Wall Hanging

    Hand Print Wall Hanging
    Hand Print Wall Hanging.
    Another fun hand print craft that is perfect for a preschooler. Help them make a hand print on the center of a paper plate and then let them decorate it.
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    Painted Pots
    Painted Pots.
    Paint some clay pots to go along with the decor of mom's favorite room or the kitchen and then plant some herbs or mom's favorite flowers.
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    Personalized Handprint Canvas Bag

    Personalized Handprint Canvas Bag
    Personalized Handprint Canvas Bag.
    A visitor named Lynette shares some great suggestions for personalizing a tote bag that can be made for Mother's Day.
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    Photo Apron
    Photo Apron.
    While you will have to make most of this craft, preschoolers will love the opportunity to decorate it using hand prints.