Mother's Day Picnic in the Park Menu

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Treats. Linda Larsen

The weather on Mother's Day is usually very nice. So why not take Mom on a picnic in the park? Picnics are delightful for many reasons. The setting is naturally beautiful, you get a nice change of scenery, and it's fun.

But if it's raining or cold or (heaven forbid!) snowing, just have your picnic on the family room floor. Spread out a big soft blanket and use picnic plates and utensils. Put some flowers in the center of the blanket to 'mimic' the park.

And play games like you did when you were a child. You'll have a blast!

These recipes are all easy to make, can be made ahead of time, and are perfect for eating with your plate in your lap. Make sure to read How to Pack a Picnic Basket so everything is safe and secure. Always pack perishable foods with a couple of frozen cold packs, and remember to throw away any foods that have been out of refrigeration for more than two hours. Clean up when you go so you only leave footprints in the park. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Picnic in the Park Menu

  • Gingered Lemonade
    Slices of fresh ginger root add wonderful flavor and zing to homemade lemonade. Make sure this beverage is well chilled. Serve it with a curly straw!
  • In a Hurry Potato Salad
    This delicious recipe uses My Mother's Potato Salad dressing with prepared hash brown potatoes so you don't have to peel and cube whole potatoes. It's delicious and easy too. Of course, you could make the real potato salad recipe from my mom if you'd like.
  • Melon Salad
    Melons are really at their best right now, so use them in this simple and fresh salad. I like to garnish the salad with sprigs of mint to give a hint of the flavor. Serve in little cups so it's easy to eat.
  • Baked Fried Chicken
    This delicious recipe, from my first cookbook, is fun and easy to make. If you're 'picnicking' at home, serve it hot from the oven. Otherwise, chill the chicken in the fridge and serve it cold. The coating stays crisp and the chicken will be moist and juicy.
  • Peanut Butter Marshmallow Treats
    What mom (and kid) wouldn't love this treat at a picnic? Adding peanut butter to the classic Marshmallow Treat recipe just makes it better. And chewier!