Mother's Day Sentiments for Handmade Mother's Day Cards

Pick the Perfect Sentiment for a Handmade Mother's Day Card

Find the perfect words for your Mother's Day cards. Kate Pullen

Make your Mother's Day card a little extra special this year by adding the perfect sentiment. Whether you are making a traditional or classic Mother's Day card or creating something a little different, finding the right words can help to make your card that little bit more personal.

There are many ways of adding words to Mother's Day cards. In addition to adding words to the inside of the card, a few words or sentiments can be added to the front of the card as part of the design.

This is a good way of incorporating a special message into the design. A longer poem or quotation can also form a major part of the design. This can look particularly effective when the poem or quotation is contained within a rubber stamped frame. Often, a poem or quotation can provide inspiration for a Mother's Day card design.

Finding Sentiments and Quotations for Mother's Day Cards

There are many websites that offer a range of great sentiments, quotations, and poems that are perfect for hand stamped Mother's Day cards. These include:

  • Ink Stains With Roni – an extensive range of Mother's Day quotations that are perfect for use in Mother's Day card projects
  • Donnas Holiday Sentiments – range of poems suitable for Mother's Day cards (for personal use only – check out the copyright statement on the website for more information)
  • Quote Garden – different quotations with a Mother's Day theme
  • Board of Wisdom – mother themed quotes and sayings that are ranked by visitors to the site
  • Poems for Free – a large range of Mother's Day poems that are for personal use only (check out conditions for use on the website)
  • The Holiday Spot – Mother's Day poems broken down into categories
  • Apples 4 the Teacher – poems and quotations suitable for use by children
  • Alphabet Soup – lots of different Mother's Day poems, including some sent in by visitors to the site
  • Poem of Quotes – amusing and funny quotes for Mother's Day cards
  • Verses 4 Cards – some customizable verses for Mother's Day cards

Write Your Own Mother's Day Sentiments, Poems or Verse

If you cannot find the perfect words or sayings for your Mother's Day card then why not right your own? You don't need to worry about a perfectly scripted sentiment or a clever poem – it is the thought that counts!

Here are some tips to help you create your own special sentiments, poems or verses for a Mother's Day card:

  • What is your key message? – Identifying your key message will help you find the right words for your card. Whether you are saying 'thank you', 'thinking of you' or telling your mother that she is special, finding the key message will help you determine the keywords to build on.
  • Inspiration from rubber stamp designs – Do the rubber stamps that you have used tell a story? Sometimes rubber stamps or a card design can provide inspiration for sentiments or words for a Mother's Day card.
  • Song titles or lyrics – There are many song titles and lyrics that make great words for cards. Simply the Best, the title of the well-known song by Tina Turner, would be great on a Mother's Day card, as would a few words from Mama by the Spice Girls.
  • Use a rhyme generator - There are several online rhyme generators that are ideal for generating rhymes for short poems and verses. These include Poem of Quotes and Rhyme Zone.