The Cheapest Places to Live in the U.S.

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One of the ways we recommend for finding the right place for you to move to and live is by Comparing Places to Live. And there are experts who have done all the legwork to come up with choice locations.

Money Magazine constantly researches and finds the best and cheapest places in the US to live. It’s well worth taking the time to peruse, whether or not you’re thinking of moving. Maybe your town made the list? Or maybe you’re thinking of relocating to a place where you just get more for your dollar? For whatever reason, Money Magazine's list is hard to beat. And if you're looking for the best places in the country to invest in real estate, then you certainly will not want to miss this list of Top 5 Places to Move to For Affordable Housing:

Number 5: Papillion, NE.

With loads of open green space, Papillion is the ideal destination for those who like nature around them. CNN Money also named it in their Top 5 Places to Live. The area is also doing well economically. With agribusiness and military contracting on the rise, Papillion offers ample jobs, especially in the agricultural sector. With major corporations moving into the area, this is a booming town. Housing and industries are showing significant growth.

Number 4: Johnston, IA.

Johnston's population has quadrupled in the last 20 years, an indication that this is a happening place indeed. The area's economy is healthy with unemployment coming in at under 6%, over three points better than the national average. Even with the growth in population, this is still a place with a homey, friendly feel. Together with nearby Des Moines, Johnston is a very strong contender for the current top place to move to.

Number 3: Wesley Chapel, FL.

Another place that has seen phenomenal growth of late is Wesley Chapel, with the population growing close to 700% within the past decade. This Florida town is a major attraction to big-hitting financial services firms that bring with them massive employment. The area also boasts low taxes, affordable housing, and good education and health systems.

Number 2: Lake Jackson, TX.

The state of Texas seems to have weathered just about all the crises thrown at the U.S. And not only has it survived, but it also continues to lead the country in terms of job creation. There are many reasons why the Lone Star State is an ideal place to move to. Lake Jackson is one of these very good reasons. A town that is still relatively quiet and peaceful as well as family-friendly, Jackson is nevertheless vibrant as well and has affordable housing in many shapes and sizes to cover most price points.

Number 1: Hunter's Creek, FL.

The vibrant community of Hunter's Creek is home to about 12,000 residents. This tiny town is not incorporated per se but has its schools, as well as police and fire services. And of course, a major attraction is the Hunter's Creek Golf Club. And then just a short drive away, there are the fine beaches as well as Orlando, and all it has to offer. Housing in Florida is still at very low prices, and this may be as good a time as any to get into the housing market in Orlando, Florida.