Moving and Packing - How to Pack Glasses

Wine glasses in a box


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Choose Glasses of Similiar Size

Cups and Glasses in Cabinet
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Use glasses or mugs that are of similiar size so they can nest inside each other.

Collect and Prepare Packing Materials

Shipping boxes and packing supplies
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Collect all the packing materials you'll need, including a divided box or cell pack, the kind used to ship bottles (wine and liquor). If you don't have a cell pack/divided box, then use a small to medium size box.

Secure the bottom of the box by taping it well.

Insert the Dividers

cardboard partition for beverage or spray bottles. packaging concept.
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If you're using a cell pack, prepare it by inserting the cardboard dividers.

Prepare Work Surface

Glass in Corner

Place a stack of packing paper on the table or other flat surface.

Take the first glass and place it across one of the corners of the packing paper.

Tuck in the Ends

Tuck in the Ends

Wrap two sheets of packing paper around the glass, making sure you line the inside by tucking in the paper ends.

Nest the Glasses

Nesting Glasses

Place the second glass inside the first one. This is called nesting. Then place the two glasses on the stack of packing paper, repeating the third step. Insert another glass.

You can nest three or four glasses, depending on their size and weight.

Wrap the Nested Glasses

Wrap the Nested Glasses

Holding the corner of the packing paper closest to you, wrap another two sheets of newsprint around the stack and tuck in the ends.

Place Glasses in Box

Place Glasses in Box

Place glasses in bottom of box or into one of the sections if using a divided box.

Fill the Box Then Seal it

This should be the last of the boxes
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Once you've filled the box, added extra newsprint or bubble-wrap on top. Seal the box and mark it "Fragile: Glassware" and label it accordingly.