Moving Company Rating Methodology

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The Spruce's research team spent two months reviewing 19 different moving companies in order to find the best ones in the business. Here's a breakdown of our data collection process and the criteria we used to rate each provider.

Literature Review and Competitor Analysis

The moving companies we chose to research were selected based on monthly search volume, nationwide availability, competitor lists, and established brand partnerships. We were able to determine the most popular providers in the space by looking at search volume, and focused specifically on movers with a nationwide presence in order to appeal to a larger audience. We then compared our list of companies to those of our competitors to identify any gaps in coverage.

Combining these findings with insights gathered by the editorial and research teams, we were able to formulate a set of criteria that spoke to the current market and readers' top considerations and concerns.

Data Collection and Verification

Once the company list and evaluation criteria were finalized, our team implemented a number of different practices to ensure proper data collection. If we already had an established relationship with a company or were able to track down a direct point of contact (e.g. a media representative), we elected to send over questions pertaining to our criteria set. For instances in which we did not have a prior connection, data collectors scoured a company's website to fill in the blanks. 

We also contacted customer service teams for clarification and definitive answers on information that was not readily disclosed through media transfers or a company's website. For every moving company on our list, we looked at 31 pieces of criteria, meaning 589 data points were collected in total. All of the information was then verified to ensure integrity and accuracy—for example, citations and comments corresponding to each data point were cross-referenced with our primary sources.

Ratings Methodology

We calculated star ratings based on a variety of factors. Here's how the criteria was ultimately weighted:

  • Customer experience (23 percent): How does the company fare from a customer service perspective (i.e. support hours, cancellation policy, means of getting in touch)? What features are in place to promote a positive experience? 
  • Coverage and types of moves offered (20 percent): Can the company do local, long-distance, interstate, and international moves? How many states does it service?
  • Moving services (20 percent): Apart from its standard services, what else does the company offer? This might include full or partial packing, specialty packing, long- and short-term storage, vehicle relocation, and moving van or truck rentals.
  • Pricing/price transparency (20 percent): Does the company require an initial deposit and will additional fees likely be incurred? How transparent is the company in relation to these payments?
  • Insurance/protection (10 percent): Does the company provide any insurance or protection plans for lost or damaged items?
  • Reputation (7 percent): What's the state of the company's public image? Does it have any complaints or pending lawsuits?

Category weights were influenced by data collection results, each subcriteria's essentialness, and source reliability.

Our Team

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Research Analyst
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Shanker's background in applied statistics has equipped him with both the tools and logical framework necessary to develop, refine, and execute research methodologies.

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Associate Editorial Director, Performance Marketing
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Allison has spent nearly a decade writing and editing articles in the home and entertainment space. She's particularly skilled at engaging with audiences through storytelling.

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