Free Stuff to Help With Your Move

Free Stuff to Help With Your Move

Moving house checklist


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This list of moving free stuff will help lessen the money you have to spend on moving at the same time as helping you get more organized for your move.

There's free stuff for moving for every stage of moving from planning to settling into your new home. This includes free moving boxes, change of address cards, address labels, moving checklists, and moving box labels.

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    Free Moving Boxes

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    One of the most expensive items you need to buy for your move are moving boxes. Luckily, they're one of the easiest moving items you can get for free.

    Just because they're free doesn't mean that you can't get nice, high-quality moving boxes without spending a cent.

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    Free Change of Address Cards

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    After you've moved, you'll want to let all your friends and family know your new addresses.

    These change of address cards are completely free and you can print them right from your home computer. You'll find almost 10 different styles here!

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    Free Address Labels With Your New Address

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    How about getting some free address labels with your new address printed on them? Here's how you can request free mailing labels be sent to you, no strings attached.

    You can also create your own address labels using one of these free address label templates. They look great and you can't beat the price.

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    Free Moving Checklist at Squawkfox

    Moving house checklist

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    The secret to a successful move is staying organized. You can do that with a free, printable moving checklist and timeline from Squawkfox.

    This free moving checklist will walk you through what you need to do two months, six weeks, four weeks, three weeks, two weeks, one week, and the day before your move, as well as moving day and delivery day.

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    Free Moving Box Labels by Martha Stewart

    Moving box label

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    These free, moving box labels from Martha Stewart allow you to easily keep track of the contents of your moving boxes and designate where they go during the move.

    While you can simply use a marker to write on a box, these labels will keep things consistent so you and anyone else helping you move can quickly and easily see exactly where a box should go and what it contains.

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    Free, Printable Move Management Binder from Scattered Squirrel

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    Scattered Squirrel has all the free printables you need to put together a move management binder to help keep you organize and sane both before and after your move.

    These move management printables include a move-in checklist, utilities and services, packing list, house hunting home evaluation, house hunting shopping list, move-in checklist, change of address, packing list, and project planner.

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    Housewarming Party Games

    Housewarming party

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    Once you are all moved in and ready to show off your new home, it's time for a housewarming party. These housewarming party games will keep your guests entertained and show off your new home at the same time.