Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Laundry Detergent Is Mildly Scented and Tough on Stains

An environmentally friendly formula with a refreshing scent

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Laundry Detergent

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent

 The Spruce / Katie Begley

What We Like
  • Scent is fresh without being overpowering

  • Plant-based biodegradable ingredients

  • Lots of companion products with the same scent

What We Don't Like
  • Pricier than other green detergents

Bottom Line

With a refreshing scent and major cleaning power, it’s hard not to love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent.


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Laundry Detergent

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent

 The Spruce / Katie Begley

We purchased Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent so our expert reviewer could put it to the test with her laundry. Keep reading for our full product review.

In recent years, the concept of green cleaning has gained traction. If you’re still not sure what it entails, it’s quite simple—it just means switching your regular cleaning products to ones from companies who practice sustainability and use natural, plant-based ingredients (the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a great explainer). If you haven’t made the jump yet but are looking for products that will make it a seamless transition, Mrs. Meyer’s is one the brands to turn to. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent is made from a plant-derived formula that’s scented with essential oils, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your favorite fragrance, either. We tested the detergent in our own home, using it to wash up toddler play clothes, towels, and bedding. Read on for our assessment of Mrs. Meyer’s’ cleaning prowess. 

Cleaning Performance: Works on a variety of stains

This is a concentrated laundry detergent, so a little goes a long way. Mrs. Meyer’s recommends using ½ of a capful for most loads of laundry. If you have an especially large or dirty load of laundry, the brand suggests using ¾ of a capful. We tried out these recommendations on average-sized loads of clothes that just had normal daily wear, as well as larger loads full of towels and sheets and found that everything came out clean and smelling amazing. We went with the subtle honeysuckle scent, but Mrs. Meyer’s also offers baby blossom, basil, bluebell, lavender, lemon verbena, and rosemary.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent
 The Spruce / Katie Begley

When it came time to wash our son’s play clothes, we opted to throw them straight in the wash without pretreating the grass or dirt stains he’d picked up from playing in the backyard. We were excited to see they came out of the wash clean and fresh, even without any special stain treatment. We found that when we washed clothes quickly after they were soiled, Mrs. Meyer’s detergent had no issue combatting stains. 

Ingredients: Plant-based and septic-safe

The ingredients in Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent are similar to most other natural laundry detergents available. Plant-based enzymes target dirt and stains while essential oils provide a fresh scent.

We found that when we washed clothes quickly after they were soiled, Mrs. Meyer’s detergent had no issue combatting stains.

Our toddler has particularly sensitive skin, so we were eager to see how he’d react to Mrs. Meyer’s detergent. He’s prone to eczema, but we didn’t notice any flare-ups after using the detergent. If your skin is sensitive to dyes or scents, though, you may want to look for a different formula. 

Scent: Popular for a reason

What sets Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent apart from other natural laundry detergents and soaps is the brand’s extensive line of fragrances. Some are earthier and popular for kitchen use, such as basil or rosemary. Others, like honeysuckle and bluebell, are great for bedrooms. Lavender, one of Mrs. Meyer’s most popular scents, is a great choice for the entire home.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent
 The Spruce / Katie Begley

We haven’t found a Mrs. Meyer’s scent we don’t like, but the honeysuckle fragrance is especially nice for summer use. It’s a good balance between fruity and floral and we particularly appreciate that the scent is derived from actual honeysuckle flower extract, orange peel oil, and ylang ylang flower oil. 

Commitment to Environment: A green company through and through

Mrs. Meyer’s doesn’t just make great products—the company also focuses on environmentally-friendly practices. Their laundry detergent is concentrated, meaning that consumers can get more washes per bottle and cut down on their plastic waste. All of their products are also cruelty-free, so animal lovers can shop with confidence. 

Beyond ensuring their products are eco-friendly, the company also prioritizes a number of social and environmental initiatives to give back to the community. Mrs. Meyer’s has helped to preserve and replant endangered plants, introduce compassion programs in schools, and host community garden events.

Our toddler has particularly sensitive skin…he’s prone to eczema but we didn’t notice any flare-ups after using the green detergent.

Price: Kind of expensive

Green cleaning products often aren’t cheap, and so is the case with Mrs. Meyer’s offerings. The brand’s 64-ounce bottle of Clean Day laundry detergent goes for $16, making it $2 to $4 more than comparable products. While that’s not a huge difference for one bottle, it does add up in the long run—especially if you have a large family and are doing loads of laundry every day. 

The brand’s own detergents are also priced differently based on scent and seasonality, so make sure you pay attention when you check out at the store or online. For example, you can get a better deal on honeysuckle if you buy it in the fall, but you’ll find that rosemary and basil remain full price.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent
The Spruce / Katie Begley 

Competition: Best scent at a mid-range price

Zum Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent: If you want to go green but you prefer strongly scented detergents, Zum Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent in frankincense and myrrh is another great option. The company prides itself on using only the best essential oils for its fragrances, as well as other natural, easy-to-identify ingredients like coconut oil and baking soda. Expect to pay for the best of the best ingredients, though, as a 32-ounce bottle will cost you $14.

Method Beach Sage Laundry Detergent: With a similar variety of scents available across multiple cleaning products, Method is another great alternative to Mrs. Meyer’s. We found the scent of their Beach Sage Laundry Detergent to be a little bit stronger than Mrs. Meyer’s fragrances, but it was still pleasant and affordable at $13 per 53.5 ounces. 

Final Verdict

Grab yours now.

If you’re looking for a mildly scented natural laundry detergent that’s tough on stains, you can’t go wrong with Mrs. Meyer’s. Plus, if you fall in love with the scent of your detergent, you can pick up an array of matching cleaning products from dish soap to all-purpose spray.


  • Product Name Laundry Detergent
  • Product Brand Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day
  • Price $15.99
  • Weight 4.63 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 4.65 x 4.65 x 10.9 in.
  • Product Number 675594
  • Quantity 64 fl. oz.
  • Scents Baby blossom, basil, bluebell, honeysuckle, lavender, lemon verbena, rosemary