Mudroom Ideas for Home Staging

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    Clean Your House to Perk Up the Mudroom

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    When it comes to home staging, it’s essential to address every room. After all, you want your entire house to look at its best. That’s the purpose of staging, isn’t it? And the mudroom is no exception. In fact, during the winter season, more and more home buyers add a mudroom to their wish list. So, if you are lucky enough to have this extra space in your house, use it to your advantage by preparing it in a way that appeals to potential buyers. To help you get started, we point these staging tricks for mudrooms that will have them falling in love with every bit of your home.

    Thoroughly Clean Away Dirt and Grime

    First and foremost, make sure that it’s clean. It’s not called a ‘mudroom’ for nothing. As the name suggests that it’s a place to collect mud so that it does not track to the rest of house, do give it a thorough clean up before the showings. In most circumstances, it’s going to be the first place your potential buyers will see, and a dirty entryway not only looks unappealing but can also cause slips and falls. Consider keeping a sweeper mop hidden in a nearby closet to freshen up the entry floors before each showing quickly.

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    Adding Color With Paint to Add Brightness

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    While a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in any area of your house, this is especially true of a mudroom. The reason being is that this area tends to be worn out because mud shows, coats, school bags and more usually are thrown around. So, make sure that the area looks well cared for by touching up scuff marks if any on the walls and the baseboards.

    Declutter and Remove Personal Items

    Remove your personal items such as mucky boots and family gear and keep them hidden in a truck or a closet where potential buyers won’t see them. While you may feel that it defeats the purpose of having a mudroom in the first place, the reality is, when your house is on the market, you cannot live in it the way you have been. A prospective buyer walking into a mudroom crowded with bags and coats on the walls can get distracted. So, let them see the potential of the space by clearing out your items. Instead of housing your family's entire collection of scarves, hats, and coats, remove most of them to show ample space and storage possibilities.

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    Add Closet Storage to the Mudroom

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    When it comes to selling a home, ambiance is an important element within a home, and mudroom should not be forgotten. Two key elements of this room that are ideal for both atmosphere and function are lighting and seating. Consider flush mount fixtures or pendants as opposed to recessed lighting. If you have an important feature within the mudroom that you wish to highlight, add an accent lighting to direct the eye of your buyer. Moreover, as seating element is helpful both for ambiance and function, be sure to add a separate piece or built-in furniture depending on the square footage available.

    Provide Plenty of Closet Storage Solutions

    Every homeowner wants more storage and ensuring there is plenty of options in your mudroom is essential. If you're fortunate enough to have closet storage ensure they appear neat and organized, opt for open, more contemporary storage solutions. We recommend, open cubbies, combined with locker style storage. Alternatively, add some quality hooks for hanging coats and other items. If the mudroom does not have a lot of space for an entryway closet, the buyers won’t miss it.

    Use these home staging tricks for mudrooms to get the desired attention from potential buyers. As a rule of thumb, do not leave it entirely empty or too filled. The overall idea is that it shows off its function. So, make sure to provide just enough touches to paint the picture and make prospective buyers go “wow, this would be a nice place to have!”