15 Creative Mudroom Storage Ideas

Built in mudroom by staircase

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Who doesn't want more storage for their entryway? In reality, you don't need a ton of square footage in your home to have a mudroom. Carving out even a small mudroom area in your home will provide more storage space and functionality.

Regardless of your current layout, these mudroom storage ideas are meant for homes of all sizes. Follow some of these trusty tips to transform your main entryway into an area that will work for your family.

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    Use Hooks Instead of Hangers

    Mudroom Storage Ideas
    Liz Marie Blog

    Most coat closets have tension rods or bars for hanging storage. Consider revamping your coat closet into a mudroom space and remove the bars, much like Liz did from Liz Marie Blog. Hooks are more durable for hanging heavy coats, and it's quicker and more convenient to toss a coat on a hook when you come in the door instead of having to reach for a hanger. 

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    Incorporate Closed Storage

    Mudroom storage cubbies
    Sunny Side Up

    To make your mudroom as attractive as possible, mix in cubbies with closed storage like Erin did from Sunny Side Up. Keep any unsightly items inside the closed units so keep your mudroom looking clutter-free at all time.

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    Make Your Own Key Holder

    Mudroom key holder ideas
    Lolly Jane

    If you're lacking a spot for keys in your mudroom, consider following Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane by DIYing an eclectic key holder. Find a DIY to follow or keep it simple by making key holders out of flat frames, trays, letterpress drawers, reclaimed wood, or just about anything else that will fit small screw-in hooks. 

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    Repurpose a Dresser

    DIY entry console for mudroom storage
    Jamie Costiglio

    If you have a small entryway, consider using a dresser to keep your shoes and accessories organized. Assign each drawer to a person or remove the drawers and put baskets inside instead. Use the opposite wall to hang hooks to complete the space.

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    Include Bench Seating

    Mudroom storage bench ideas
    Lela Burris

    A mudroom functions much more smoothly when there is a place to sit to take on and off shoes. If you opt for an open bench like the one above from Lela Burris, add baskets or shoe mats underneath for storage. If a built-in won't work in your space, you can also use an ottoman that has storage space.

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    Convert a Coat Closet

    mudroom converted from a closet
    What Karly Said

    If you live in an older home, chances are you have a coat closet at the front entrance instead of a more contemporary mudroom. Take off the doors to the closet, build in a bench, then add some hooks. Keeping this space open makes sure the space doesn't become a place for clutter that belongs in other parts of the home.

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    Have a Designated Mail Spot

    Mail organizer for mudroom

    Make sure there is a place in your mudroom where you can process mail as it comes into the home. Junk mail can end up cluttering dining room tables, coffee tables and beyond if you don't have a specific system to organize it the moment it comes in the door. 

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    Hang a Set of Low Hooks for Kids

    Mudroom storage ideas for kids
    I'm Bat Mom

    Think about who will be using the mudroom space the most and what type of things they will store there. If you have school-age children, hang hooks low enough for them to reach. Have them keep all their school supplies, backpacks, coats, and outerwear on their designated hook.

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    Maximize Vertical Space

    mudroom shelving ideas
    Modern Jane

    Don't underestimate the function of tall shelving in an entryway or mudroom area. ​​Store items up high that you don't need on a daily basis, like out-of-season wear. You can also use these shelves to add some decor, which will help the mudroom blend in with the style of the rest of your home.

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    Give Everyone Their Own Space

    mudroom storage ideas
    Emily A Clark

    Make sure a family that's larger than two people designates a spot for each member like Jane did from Modern Jane. You can even label cubbies and bins with a marker so your family gets in the habit of putting things back where they belong. This system creates accountability and makes keeping things organized a team effort. It's also much easier to find what you're looking for when the entire family's items are smashed together.

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    Maximize Small Space

    small mudroom storage ideas
    Downright Simple

    Sometimes you might not even have room for a dresser in your entryway. If that's the case, consider the space adjacent to your main door. It's possible to utilize small spaces to make a chic mudroom. Install a narrow shelf and hooks so you can keep jackets, keys, and purses near the entry. 

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    Use Baskets and Open Shelves

    Mudroom storage ideas
    Nina Hendrick Design Co.

    If you don't have the option for closed storage, store items like shoes and gloves inside attractive baskets. Make sure each basket has a specific purpose and label it if you must. The best way to keep mudroom storage organized is to make sure everything has a place.

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    Convert an Ikea Bookshelf

    Mudroom storage ideas
    Golden Boys and Me

    Repurposing a shelving unit for a mudroom serves a dual purpose. The cubbies near the floor are great for storing shoes and other items, and the shelves can also function as a bench. Just be sure you utilize a strong enough shelving unit and brace it to the wall.

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    Create a Mudroom Underneath the Stairs

    Mudroom under the stairs
    Boston Design Guide

    If your stairway is located close to your entryway, consider reimagining that space for mudroom storage. This idea requires a bit more construction but is a clever way to make use of unused space. If you don't have access to space under the stairs, consider hanging a coat rack on the wall and adding a bench beneath it.

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    Build a Command Center

    Mudroom command center ideas
    Hobby Lobby

    Having a command center with a calendar, to-do lists, grocery lists, and other planning items is an excellent way to never forget about an appointment or important meeting. To create a space in your mudroom area for a command center, use chalkboard paint and some old frames or opt for a corkboard instead to store important documents and notes.