Brand-New Multicultural Boy and Girl Baby Dolls for Inspirational Play

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    Hands-On Inspiration

    Courtesy of Getty Images/Laurie Swope

     It's a moment that happens every day, in every country around the world. It's time to feed your baby. Moms and dads, sons and daughters, all share in this mealtime ritual. With the care of baby no longer viewed solely as Mom's Job, little boys and girls share in the bottle feeding. Dads come home from work and volunteer for duty, or even stay at home to handle the children's needs full-time.

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    Boys and Girls Together

    Courtesy of Stephanie Finnegan

     Doll manufacturers, like Berenguer, conjure up realistic-looking babies of both genders. Young boys and girls delight in having hands-on time with baby siblings. The Berenguer team creates baby dolls that look lifelike and wear clothing that could be found at your local Gymboree store. They come alive in children's hands!

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    Baby So Real

    Courtesy of Stephanie Finnegan

     Wicked Cool Toys company has led the Cabbage Patch Kids (CPK) into a whole new world of technical wonderment. Their brand-new Baby So Real combines a Cabbage Patch baby with human-mimicking movement, sounds and urges. A simple touch of the CPK's anatomy and its expression changes into 20 different possibilities. It giggles; it plays peek-a-boo; it falls asleep. The CPK baby interacts with young wannabe moms and dads. 

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    Happy Apps

    Courtesy of Stephanie Finnegan

     One of the most distinctive parts of Baby So Real is that it couples hands-on, real-world play with the world of virtual apps. As a boy or girl cares for the CPK baby, the children earn "baby points" for their nurturing abilities. With the free app, they can see how well they are scoring as a caregiver. Plus, there are mini-games for parenting and baby-sitting possibilities.

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    Beautiful Babbles

    Courtesy of Stephanie Finnegan

     Madame Alexander's Babble Babies show no signs of quieting down! The realistic conversational baby dolls make over 80 actual-baby sound combinations. The doll's weight is similar to a little one's, and the cooing, chortling, and babbling will have you and your youngest children mesmerized. It's sure to cause lots of double takes: is it a Babble Baby or your own infant?

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    REALLY Sweet

    Courtesy of Stephanie Finnegan

     JC Toys has always followed a belief system that baby dolls should be as lifelike as possible. These dolls are powered by your child's imagination. You will be sure to find a baby that resembles your children's birth photos. Through incredible sculpting--look at the folds of skin, wispy hair and chubby cheeks--these dolls are sure to bring out the maternal or paternal side in your kids.

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    Multicultural Marvels

    Courtesy of Stephanie Finnegan

    Berenguer/JC Toys pride themselves on their dolls' quality and vibrancy. Their artists are truly gifted, and the company's directors know that the ethnic diversity of the real world should be mirrored in your child's playroom. The Berenguer lineup of babies, shown here, look like the newborns in your local hospital. They invite children (and adults) to pick them up and cradle them. 

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    Madame Meets Middleton

    Courtesy of Stephanie Finnegan

     The late Lee Middleton was considered the Queen of the Realistic Baby Doll World. Madame Alexander was the award-winning leading lady of all doll forms and doll genres. Today, the Alexander Doll Company is unveiling its line of Middleton Dolls, which will be exclusively available at Toys R Us.

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    Little Boy Blue

    Courtesy of North American Bear

     North American Bear debuts its Rosy Cheeks dolls, designed for the 2-year-old crowd and above. Made of soft velour, so little ones can hug and kiss its soft-textured face, the 10-inch baby doll comes as a boy and as a girl (pretty in pink).

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    More Rosy Cheeks

    Courtesy of North American Bear

     The larger Rosy Cheeks dolls are 15 inches. Machine washable, this ideal first friend invites little ones to hug and hold. Plus, its removable striped top invites young toddlers to improve their dexterity and dressing/undressing skills!