Multicultural Dolls

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    The World Is a Diverse Place

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     The world has always been complex and culturally diverse, but most toy stores did not mirror that reality. Children of all races were compelled to shower love and affection upon white-skinned, usually yellow-haired baby dolls. It took a long time before doll manufacturers began to acknowledge that all children crave dolls that look like themselves. 

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    A Spectrum of Different Colors and Hues

    Courtesy of Double Dutch Dolls

    When your child sees herself reflected in the skin tone, hair color, and eye color of her doll, it helps to establish self-esteem. The child is showering concern and nurturing skills upon a symbol of herself. Without overtly realizing it, the child is making a connection that she has worth, and there is a doll that reflects that. It is only common sense that a doll should mirror the people who inhabit the child's world. 

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    Double Dutch Dolls

    Courtesy of Double Dutch

    Double Dutch Dolls, created by K. Charles, was built upon this principle. Growing up, Ms. Charles did not have dolls that reflected her African-American heritage. Her company now manufactures dolls that represent African Americans, Hispanic children and bi-racial kids. Through creative play, she hopes to fill the void that these children often experience. 

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    Tween Scene Group

    Courtesy of Prettie Girls/Tween Scene

    The Prettie Girls! line, which has had great success with their multicultural fashion dolls, is now broadening its appeal with its Tween Scene introduction. These girls represent young students who have big dreams, distinct personalities and are relatable to the children in your life. The members of the Tween Scene are diverse, showcasing modern-day America. The dolls include Caucasian, African-American, Asian, South Asian, African and Hispanic members.  

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    Asian Doll Deficit

    Courtesy of Getty Images/Pan Hong

     One of the doll categories that still lags behind is the Asian baby doll and fashion doll. Though Asian dolls can be found in folkloric costumes or as a Disney Princess, like Mulan, the depiction of an everyday Asian child is still hard to find in toy store aisles. 

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    Corolle Asian Baby Doll

    Courtesy of Corolle

    The go-to doll for the Asian child is the one that French manufacturer Corolle makes. This doll is recommended on many trans-racial adoption boards. It satisfies the hole that exists in matching an Asian-looking baby doll with an Asian child. 

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    Color-Blind Children and Dolls

    Courtesy of Getty Images/blue jean images

    In many kindergartens around the country, all children, boys and girls, are being introduced to dolls of different ethnic appearances. Schools are recognizing that families have broadened their ethnic and racial makeup through marriage, blending and adoption. 

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    Friends Playing Together

    Courtesy of Getty Images/Anthony Harvie

     As communities grow more ethnically diverse, children respond to dolls that represent themselves along with their peer group. If a child's doll collection is only of one race, it does not mirror her actual life experiences. It helps to broaden her toy box to include dolls that key into her friends at school, the playground, dance class and all of her other social activities. Dolls of different races and genders are invited into the play group.

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    Mattel's Holiday Barbie

    Courtesy of Mattel

    Mattel, which has been a pioneer in the doll world in so many ways, has attained great success with its African-American and Caucasian doll choices. Many of their releases are available in various skin tones. The Holiday Barbie, such as 2015's model, is available in both the Caucasian and African-American interpretation. 

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    A Brand-New Reality

    Courtesy of Getty Images/Knape

     The doll universe has broadened to be more in tune with who we are and what we look like. Knowing that our schools, neighborhoods and families are comprised of different people of different backgrounds, we should not be fearful of expanding and integrating our toy boxes. 

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    Prettie Girls! Dolls

    Courtesy of Prettie Girls! Dolls

    Appreciating the complexities of other cultures and other lifestyles, children are prepared to live in the world, embracing all possibilities. The Prettie Girls! acronym is a fantastic one to follow: Positive, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Talented, Truthful, Inspiring and Excellent. All dolls are welcome!