8 Multifunctional Kitchen Appliances

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    Combination Convection Steam Ovens

    Miele Combi Steam Oven
    Asparagus in the Miele Combi Steam Oven DGC6700. Nicolette Patton, CKD

    Appliances are undoubtedly one of the most important elements in the kitchen functionally speaking.Over the years manufacturers have been tweaking, refining and completely reinventing a lot of appliances to make them work smarter and faster for your every day life. Whether you are building a house, making plans to renovate your existing space or simply scheming for the kitchen of your dreams do yourself a favor and really dig into the appliances on the market right now, there are a lot that you will not want to miss!  Join me as we discuss 8 appliances you should consider integrating into your kitchen.  

    First up....the Convection Steam Oven:

    Steam is a hot trend in cooking technology.  Many companies are stepping up to introduce steam as a healthier option to cook meats, veggies, pastries and casseroles.  

    While you may not want to dedicate a single oven just to steam, companies such as Jenn-Air, Miele, Wolf, Thermador, KitchenAid, Gaggenau and Sharp offer convection ovens with steam assistance technology.  Basically, you have a convection oven with the option to deliver bursts of steam for moisture, nutrient retention and enhanced flavor.

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    Range With a Microwave

    Sharp Insight Range with Microwave Drawer
    Sharp's Insight Range with Microwave Drawer KB4425LS. Courtesy of Sharp

    Sharp's Insight Series Slide-in Range with Microwave Drawer is a smart, space saving solution.  

    Sharp is well known for their innovative Microwave Drawer, this range just inserts that microwave drawer on top of a convection range.  As you can see, there is no toekick, the oven door extends to the floor.  Not the most ergonomic oven since it would require so much bending to access the oven.  Nonetheless, a clever, multifunctional appliance.

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    Under Sink Dishwasher

    GE Spacesaver Under-The-Sink Dishwasher
    The Multifunctional GE Spacesaver Under-The-Sink Dishwasher. Courtesy of GE

    Yes, there is such a thing.  The GE Spacesaver Under-The-Sink Dishwasher is available in Stainless, Black and White.  

    I can only imagine the dance steps one must use to transfer a dish from the sink to the dishwasher.  I don't think I will ever be using one of these, but nonetheless, a multi-functional appliance that might make sense somewhere...   

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    In Sink Dishwasher

    KitchenAid Briva In Sink Dishwasher
    The KitchenAid Briva In-Sink Dishwasher is Convenient for Small Loads. Courtesy of KitchenAid

    Is it a sink or is it a dishwasher?  It's both!

    The Briva In Sink Dishwasher from KitchenAid is the perfect addition to a bar area, butler's pantry, office lunch room or any space in need of doing small loads of dishes.  The top lid of the dishwasher is also a drainboard, so when the dishwasher is not in use, you can air dry your dishes.  

    This is available in 36" or 42" models.  It is an overmount sink, so you don't get the clean look of a nice undermount sink, however, it reduces bending and saves space.  A very intelligent design by KitchenAid.

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    The Cool Drawer

    Fisher Paykel CoolDrawer
    The Fisher Paykel CoolDrawer - A Refrigerator or Freezer Drawer with the Touch of a Button RB36S25MKIW1. Courtesy of Fisher Paykel

    The Fisher Paykel CoolDrawer is a multi-temperature drawer that has refrigeration and freezer capabilities.  A wide 34", the CoolDrawer has a convenient drawer design, and the flexibility to accommodate different uses.   

    The CoolDrawer has 5 different settings, freezer, chill, refrigerator, pantry and wine.

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    Speed Ovens

    Jenn-Air Speed Oven
    Jenn-Air Built-In Microwave Oven with Speed Cook Technology JMC2430WS. Courtesy of Jenn-Air

    The Speed Oven is a combination of Convection and Microwave cooking.  

    The Speed Oven feature is convection cooking with additional microwave energy for reduced cooking time, 2-8 times faster than conventional ovens.  

    You can also use convection only or microwave only.  It is truly a great addition to any kitchen and can either replace your microwave and oven, or supplement as a second oven and microwave.  Many brands make speed oven models in single and double format (single oven below with speed oven on top).

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    Beverage Centers

    Sub-Zero UC-24BG and Perlick HB24BS
    Beverage Centers Share Space with a Controlled Wine Top Zone and Beverage Shelves Below. Sub-Zero / Perlick

    Beverage Centers differ from wine or bar refrigerators because they have dual-zone capabilities.   Most units have a wine shelf on top and beverage shelves below.

    Many companies make beverage centers for undercounter, such as Sub-Zero, Perlick, U-Line, GE and more.

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    Modular Cooktops

    Wolf Modular Cooktops
    Wolf's Modular 15" Cooktop Units to Customize Your Cooking Surface. Courtesy of Sub-Zero Wolf

    Never again will you have to decide between cooking with Gas or Induction, or even Electric and Grill.  

    Now you can select which cooktop modules you want and put them together side by side.  

    Choose from Gas, Induction, Electric, Deep Fryer, Steamer, Grill, Griddle or Wok Ring. Companies with module offerings include Wolf, Miele, GE, Gaggenau and more.