9 Reasons Why Mushroom Is Our Favorite Neutral

Airy kitchen

There is always one color or another that has a tendency to take over our Pinterest feeds. One day it might be camel, the next, it might be charcoal. But there is one hue that is currently reigning supreme—mushroom. Fueled by popularity around a Benjamin Moore paint shade, it quickly took off as a favorite among décor diehards, splashed across anything from cabinets to countertops and everything in between. 

Although it can also be referred to as “oyster,” “taupe,” or “greige,” mushroom is itself a distinctive color—not too warm, not too cool. The most appealing thing about mushroom is its ability to work in a variety of design styles: Scandinavian, minimalist, farmhouse, modern and the list could go on and on, making it something that can be painlessly integrated into most spaces.

Mushroom does pose one challenge; since it’s one of those colors that can be used nearly everywhere, the abundance of choices can make it challenging to choose where to weave it in. Look through décor blogs, pins, and social media feeds, and the ways that homeowners have brought in mushroom are seemingly endless.

If you’re a recent mushroom convert, don’t give in to overwhelm. Instead, kindle your inspiration with these nine ideas for bringing mushroom into any home.

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    Art Backdrops

    Art Backdrops Greige Design

    A wall painted in mushroom is the perfect canvas for putting up art pieces, no matter how bold, eye-grabbing or unique they might be. Although neutral artwork plays nicely, mushroom allows you to try unexpected colors or put up something new if the mood strikes. Try a juju hat (a tribal hat made from feathers), a striking painting or a gallery in varying colors and patterns.

    Cameroonian Juju Hat Cream, $425, Greige Design

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    Vintage Details

    Vintage Details deVOL Kitchens

    Neutrals make it effortless to display vintage finds—just ask Joanna Gaines. With farmhouse designs that are all the rage, mushroom is a hue that harkens back to a simpler time, as if you could imagine it in a 1930’s kitchen. Embrace the bygone feel of mushroom with vintage treasures mixed in, like well-loved books and baskets.

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    Interior Doors

    Shot on Location at Leacroft – Wandsworth by Wayne Forward / JJ Media Group Wayne Forward/JJ Media Group

    Although mushroom is a lovely color choice for a front door, it has appeal inside as well. Paint an interior door in a shade of mushroom, which pops against a white shiplap wall. Pantry doors, linen closets, bathroom doors, French doors—mushroom works nearly everywhere.

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    Creamy Décor

    Interior design, styling and photography by Avenue Design Studio Avenue Design Studio

    With interiors trending toward all-things-natural, there was simply an organic progression toward mushroom as a beloved color choice. As spaces bring in bright-green plants, baskets made from eco-friendly materials and warm woods, small décor items in mushroom fit in this aesthetic. Try it with vases, bowls, and coffee table books.

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    Simple Spaces

    Simple Spaces
    deVOL Kitchens

    There’s also a pull toward minimalism these days, paring down possessions and décor along with it. If you’re the unfussy sort, mushroom may be an ideal shade to use throughout your home. It’s a quiet color that doesn’t require a lot of attention but looks beautiful to the eye. At times, it begs for simplicity and helps to pull together a room decorated with nothing more than glassware, reclaimed wood, and some greens.

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    Subtle Exteriors

    Subtle Exteriors MILLWORKS designs

    Mushroom is a color with major curb appeal, a hue that is anything but off-putting and brings classic refinement to a home’s exterior. Incorporate the color through well-worn brick, sun-washed barn wood, paint, and shingles. To create contrast, look to colors like navy, rust and brown.

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    Fresh Floors

    Fresh Floors Greige Design

    Flooring should never compete with your home’s décor. To have more freedom in your styling, look to a mushroom floor, rendered in hardwood, laminate or tile. A pattern like a herringbone can add a bit of visual interest.

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    Streamlined Organization

    Streamlined Organization @theonemomentevents / Instagram

    Although the secret of organizing lies in bins, baskets and dedicated places for items, it can also be found in a surprising source—color choice. A space awash in neutrals generally encourages a soothing, uncluttered, opposite-of-chaotic atmosphere. The items in your organization drop zones, such as armoires, receive a dose of sophistication set against subtle tones like mushroom.

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    Classic Palette

    Classic Palette MILLWORKS designs

    With mushroom, it can be easy to go big or go home. Unlike vibrant colors like yellow or red, there’s a greater chance that floor-to-ceiling mushroom will work no matter what. You can decorate your entire home in it seamlessly using paint colors, light fixtures, cabinetry, furniture, wall art, throw pillows and more. No matter what the next fashionable color might be, you can know this for sure—mushroom is timeless and always elegant.