Musical Instruments for Kids

Fun Ways to Make Music from B.Toys

Do your children like to sing and make music? Toddlers and preschoolers are the perfect ages for musical instruments. Thankfully, it takes time before kids will beg for their own karaoke machine!  While many children will enjoy using wooden spoons and kitchen pots as their first instruments, B. Toys has developed some of the most unique musical instruments for kids.

These instruments are not only adorable, their bright colors practically beg kids to pick them up and make music, whether it's...MORE on a guitar, drums, with shakers or bells. By allowing children to play music it can build a lifelong love of music and help to expand their creativity.   

Not only do these musical instruments arrive with batteries installed, they play beautiful music that parents will not be tired of listening to.

Here's a list of some of my the best musical instruments from B.Toys.

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    Amazon / B. Toys

    Are your children begging for a drum set? While using their drumsticks, kids can light up the lily pads on the B. Toys drum. Kids will be exposed to rhythm, as they tap the lily pads each time they light up to play familiar nursery rhyme songs. A recording feature allows kids to recored their own voice. 

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    Symphony #2
    B Toys / Amazon

    This toy allows children to be the conductor of their own symphony. There are 6 different pieces, representative of different musical instruments that are included with the toy. Children can match the colors and shapes of the pieces, and store them upright in the correct location. Or they can place up to 6 different insruments in the center of the toy, or the music pit. After they hit the play button, the Symphony in B. will play 1 of 15 symphonies. The song will be played using the instruments...MORE the child has placed in the music pit. Mid-song, children can experiment with sounds by placing the a different musical instrument in the pit to see how it impacts the tone and sound. Instruments include the flute, trumpet, xylophone, drums, cymbals, piano and violin. All pieces neatly store in the back of the device when not in use. The toy is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

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    B. Toys Woofer Guitar

    This is the most adorable kid's guitar you will ever see! A child can play in 3 modes: acoustic, electric or hound dog. 8 musical buttons play C to C chords. The guitar strings can play chord progressions or pre-recorded songs. There are 20 sing-along songs and 9 Peppy Puppy songs. There is an adjustable volume and auto-matic shut off after 2 minutes. The toy is recommended for kids ages 2-6.

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    B. Toys Meowsic Keyboard

    What child would not want to play away on this keyboard? 20 familiar songs and 7 witty kitty songs are included. There is a retractable sing-along microphone, and kids can control their own beat, volume and tempo. 5 different instruments and 5 rhythym sounds are included in the keyboard. This toy is recommended for kids ages 2-6.

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    B. Toys Piccolo Bells

    This instrument is recommended for kids ages 3-13 years old. Using the mallet, kids can tap the metal bells to play their own songs. The mallet stores inside the base when not in use. The carousel of bells will also spin for cascading notes. A song sheet is included to learn 7 songs.

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    B. Toys Jungle Jam Drum

    This drum set houses 9 additional musical instruments. The leopard conga drum, has a 10 bell tambourine lid. Inside are 2 whistles, an antelope slide whistle and hornbill water whistle. There are also 2 giraffe maracas, a twister hand drum, 2 snake drumsticks and a crocodile cabasa and clacker. This set is recommended for kids ages 2-6.

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    B. Toys Parum Pum Pum Drum

    This drum set is recommended for young toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years old. Included are 8 insruments. The drum has a strap and carrying handle. There are centipede drumsticks, a jingle bell ant, busy bee maraca and clacker, caterpillar tambourine and 2 shaka-shaka eggs. This set is a great first musical instrument set for young toddlers.

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