The Eco-Friendly Dish Cloths I Ask for Every Christmas

Say goodbye to dirty and smelly sponges!

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Euroscrubby washcloths

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Amazon

It was only within the past few months, after nearly five years of living together, that my boyfriend and I finally upgraded from hand washing all of our dishes to having our very first dishwasher (very exciting times). So to say that I have some experience with cleaning dishes would be, well, quite an understatement.

It’s not until you have to wash all of your dishes by hand that you realize just how many dirty dishes your household makes and you very quickly begin to develop a roster of favorite cleaning products and tools to help make the job easier. Can you tell I’m not a fan of washing dishes? Out of all of the products I have tried over the years, there is one that really stood out above the rest —Euroscrubby multi-purpose scrub cloths.

Good Solutions Original Euroscrubby Standard Pack of 3

A pack of three Euroscrubby multi-purpose cleaning cloths.


Do you know the feeling of excitement that you get when you find a product that you really love? That’s how I feel about Euroscrubby cloths. After a few months of using them, I had told my friends about them, I had told my family about them, and I’d written several love letters to them (kidding on that last part, kind of).

I was first introduced to these glorious little 5-by-6-inch scrubby pads a few years ago when I received them in my stocking as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law (erm, I mean Santa). Best Christmas gift ever. You know you've truly hit adulthood when you get excited about receiving cleaning cloths as gifts. And I'm not kidding when I say I’ve since asked for more every year. I seriously love these scrubbies and, even though we have a dishwasher now, they are still a staple in my kitchen

A woman washing a dirty pan with a Euroscrubby pad.


So what’s so great about these cloths? They're made from 100% cotton and tree resin fibers and are abrasive yet safe to use on delicate surfaces like Teflon, non-stick pots and pans, and even glass and ceramic stovetops. This is primarily how I use Euroscrubby pads, but they can also be used to clean in the bathroom, outdoor tools and accessories, and sports equipment, and you can even use them to wash and scrub fruits and veggies. 

Plus, Euroscrubby cloths are a great long-lasting, and eco-friendly alternative to sponges. Not only do I find them more effective than sponges at tackling hard-to-clean surfaces, but they can be cleaned in the dishwasher or laundry machine (just not with delicates!) and used for up to six months to two years. When you’re finally done with them, they are recyclable too. That’s hundreds of sponges saved from the landfill with just a few Euroscrubby pads, and you'll never have to reach for sponge in your kitchen only to realize it's gone completely smelly and gross ever again—major ick.

A Euroscrubby pad sitting in between two different kinds of carrots on a white counter with a stainless steel pot in the background.


These little multi-purpose scrubbing cloths work hard, and I have really put them to the test over the years. Like many others, I became a sourdough baker extraordinaire during the early months of the pandemic, and the hobby has stuck with me ever since. Anyone who has attempted baking sourdough before, or bread or pastry of any kind, knows that flour and water mixed together and dried on a surface is an absolute nightmare to clean. It becomes somewhat concrete-like (I swear they could build structurally-sound skyscrapers with the stuff) and requires a lot of soaking and elbow grease to remove.

Euroscrubby pads to the rescue. They seriously make cleaning up the baking aftermath so much easier and I now exclusively use them to remove the flour-water mixture from my counter, stovetop, and whatever else it may have ended up on (I’m a messy baker, don’t judge me!). The best part is that I can clean the pads afterward and continue using them, whereas other cloths or sponges usually don’t make a full recovery after they’ve been used to clean up after my sourdough baking and end up getting tossed.

EuroScrubby pads are available on Amazon and are less than $15 for a pack of 3 ($13.49 to be exact). Considering a three-pack will last you at least one to two years, that’s worth every penny for me.