My Pal Violet and Scout Toy Review

My Pal Violet and My Pal Scout Toys

The My Pal Violet and My Pal Scout toys from LeapFrog are sweet and interacting, talking educational toys for infants and toddlers. Scout, the green puppy is a boy, while Violet the purple puppy is a girl.

The toys give children many different learning opportunities throughout the day and at night. Scout and Violet encourage kids to interact with them by speaking to the child, asking them questions, helping them learn to count, sharing different emotions and playing many different games and songs.

The toys sing songs and play games which are great during the day such as, "Can you guess what I am? Oink! Oink!"  The toys also play lullabies, at 5, 10, or 15 minute intervals, which make them great companions for little kids when they fall asleep, too. 

These toys are unique, because parents are able to customize the toys.

Scout and Violet speak and spell the child's name, favorite foods, animals and colors. They are soft, huggable, plush stuffed animals, and the controls in the paws are easy for little ones to operate.

It is necessary to connect the toys through a USB cord to a laptop. The LeapFrog connect software needs to be downloaded, and parents will need to create a login and password in order to customize the toys.  If parents choose to do so, they can receive emails from LeapFrog that give parents learning strategies to help their children and educate them on some of the developmental skills they are learning.

While there are 40 different melodies the toys can play, there is only enough storage for 5 lullaby melodies, 5 daytime melodies and 5 sing-along songs on the toy. Parents will have to re-connect the toys to LeapFrog Connect in order to change them.

Different buttons located on the paws of the puppy will activate different features.

  • When the interlocking hearts button is pressed, the toys will share emotions with children. 
  • The musical note will play 1 of the 5 upbeat daytime melodies loaded onto the toy through LeapFrog Connect. 
  • The bouncing ball is the activities paw. The puppy might ask children about their favorite things, pretend to be another animal or help children explore and learn about colors. 
  • The lullabies paw plays 1 of the 5 sweet songs downloaded onto the toy through the LeapFrog Connect software. After squeezing the paw once, 5 minutes of music will play. Squeeze the paw twice, 10 minutes of music will play. 

It is possible for the toy to turn on and play music if a child rolls into it or touches it during the night. Kids will enjoy hearing Scout or Violet speak their name and use them in different songs.  

Should the baby or child get Scout or Violet dirty, it is suggested to spot clean the toy with a wipe or wet cloth.  Do not submerge the toy into water. It is suggested to remove the toy from the child's bed or crib once they are asleep, it may unexpectedly wake them up if they touch it accidentally.