8 Mystic Knot Good Luck Charms

A Classic Feng Shui Protection Symbol

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    The Mystic Knot: A Feng Shui Good Luck Charm

    The Mystic Knot is one of the most used symbols in Feng Shui. A combination of six infinity knots (sometimes referred to as the endless knot because it looks like it swallows its own tail), this symbol promises a long and happy life full of good fortune. As a charm, the mystic knot attracts a harmonious flow of auspicious energy, uninterrupted by setbacks, accidents, or misfortunes. It is believed that the presence of the Mystic Knot will benefit every aspiration of your life and is worn as an...MORE amulet for loveabundance, and career applications.

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    Red Chinese Knot Coin

    This decorative Feng Shui tassel combines the strengthening power of the Mystic Knot with the wealth and prosperity properties of the Chinese coin. Place this amulet in your Feng Shui wealth corner, in your wallet, or carry it in your purse. This amulet can also be used to ward off the malevolent energy of the Feng Shui annual stars.

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    Jade Mystic Knot Necklace

    This necklace displays a Mystic Knot made from Jade, a favorite Feng Shui stone. It's both decorative and adjustable and can be worn in good style to bring harmony and good fortune. Alternatively, display it in your home or office as a charm hung close to the main door, near a window, or in your bedroom.

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    Handmade Mystic Knot Bracelet

    Wear this beautiful Feng Shui bracelet to bring the protective energy of the Mystic Knot anywhere you go. With its grounding force, you can wear it when you're feeling scattered and in need of more focus, or to ensure stability and clarity. Wear it on your right wrist to support your Yang energy in bringing projects to fruition. Or, place it on your left wrist to strengthen your feminine and nourishing Yin energy.

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    Mystic Knot Bejeweled Keychain

    Sporting a bejeweled keychain is an easy way to add a little good luck to your life. Its use is obvious (to hold your keys), yet it can be used in other creative ways, too. Attach it to your purse, your bag, or your backpack. This keychain's golden metal element and the sparkling stones bring the additional dimension of wealth to this Feng Shui amulet.

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    Bejeweled Mystic Knot Table Decoration

    While a bejeweled Mystic Knot table decoration doesn't represent everyone's taste in home decor, its powers in Feng Shui can't be overlooked. Full of wish-fulfilling energy, this tabletop art can be displayed as a centerpiece to your dinner table or placed on an accent table in a common area of your home. 

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    Mystic Knot Wind Chime

    Feng Shui has a place outside your home too, clearing the energy before it comes across your path. This Mystic Knot wind chime can be used for various purposes—to attract wealth and prosperity, for protection and luck, or to counteract the effects of negative Feng Shui energy. Do not place this metal wind chime on the east side of your house, however, as the east is reserved for the wood element.

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    Multicolor Mystic Knot Good Luck Charms

    feng shui multicolor protection knot
    Feng Shui Multicolor Mystic Knot Protection and Good Luck Cure. Photo: (c) FengShui-Supply.com

    A multicolor variation of the Mystic Knot alongside three Chinese flowers sends happy and bright energy to any space it occupies. Use a few good luck charms together in Fire element colors of red or gold. Then, combine them with green—the color of the Wood element—to balance the powerful, yet grounding nature of these icons. Use these charms in any Feng Shui area where you need luck or help to bring your dreams to fruition.

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    Mystic Knot Feng Shui Wu Lou

    Shaped after a Wu Lou—a traditional Feng Shui vessel used to store medicine or water—  this gracious Feng Shui amulet symbolizes health and longevity. Place one on either side of your bed to ward off sickness. Made specifically out of brass—as metal weakens earth—the Wu Lou will absorb the negative energies of certain Feng Shui stars.