MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket Review

A handmade weighted blanket that’s therapeutic and customizable

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MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket

MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket

The Spruce / Karen Tietjen 

What We Like
  • Handmade and customizable (material, color, size, bead material, etc.)

  • High-quality materials and beads

  • Minky material is super plush and holds up in the wash

  • Machine washable

What We Don't Like
  • Each order takes three weeks to make

  • Takes a long time to dry in the dryer

  • May be too hot for warmer climates and seasons

There are a lot of weighted blankets out there, but the handmade Adult Weighted Blanket by Etsy vendor MyThreeBoysLLC is the perfect option for anyone who wants to customize their fabric, color, size, weight, and even bead material.


MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket

MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket

The Spruce / Karen Tietjen 

We purchased the MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket so our expert reviewer could put it to the test in her home. Keep reading for our full product review.

As the new “it” item in self-care, weighted blankets are touted for their abilities to ease anxiety. The heaviness of these blankets comes from beads, usually glass or plastic, which are sewn into quilted pockets to help with weight distribution, resulting in a bean bag-like feel. 

If you’re in search of a weighted blanket for yourself or someone you love, there’s no shortage to choose from. We decided to try the Adult Weighted Blanket by Etsy seller Katie Steffens, of MyThreeBoysLLC, who custom-makes each product by hand. Steffens’ blankets range from 8 to 30 pounds; since we’re newbies, we went with a 15-pound version and analyzed its texture, washability, overall quality, and more. Read on for our honest review, and then decide for yourself if it’s worth the three-week waiting period.

MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket
The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

Design: Beautiful and versatile 

MyThreeBoysLLC’s weighted blankets are undoubtedly attractive. Ours features a dark gray, subtle herringbone pattern on one side and plush minky material on the other. Whether draped over the couch, on a bench in the primary suite, or folded on the kids’ bed (and used with your pediatrician’s approval), this versatile blanket can go with almost any decor. Of course, the vendor makes lots of other weighted blanket styles, including those with colorful, patterned material as well, so you can find one that fits your specific aesthetic. 

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Consult your pediatrician (or an occupational therapist if your child has anxiety or hyperactivity) before letting your child use a weighted blanket.

MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket
The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

Material: Quilter’s cotton, minky fabric, and glass beads 

According to MyThreeBoysLLC’s Etsy page, these weighted blankets are made with high-quality quilter’s cotton and minky—an ultra-soft fleece made from polyester or microfiber. The second we pulled the blanket out of its packaging, we would tell it didn’t skimp on quality. The blankets are also filled with glass beads as they have less of an environmental impact than plastic and tend to be “smoother and quieter,” according to the seller.

We loved using this blanket as a throw when watching TV or reading.

The beads are sewn into small 5x5-inch quilted squares for even weight distribution. The stitching that seals the edges is clean and tight and appears perfectly secure. As a general rule of thumb, especially for newbies who aren’t used to weighted blankets yet, it’s best to go with a blanket that’s roughly 10 percent of your body weight. 

We’d argue that the best part of ordering a handmade weighted blanket is that it’s customizable. MyThreeBoysLLC offers various sizes including lap pad (15x25 inches), child (35x50 inches) travel (35x40 inches), preeteen/teen (40x60 inches), twin (40x80 inches), adult (40x70 inches) and oversize (55x70 inches). You can also choose your weight (5 to 30 pounds) and color or pattern (the options are near limitless). The amount of customization does lead to the blanket’s biggest downside, though: customers have to wait three weeks (at minimum) to receive their own special piece. 

MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket
The Spruce / Karen Tietjen 

Texture: Super cozy 

This blanket is wonderfully cozy. The cotton side is smooth and soft, while the fuzzy minky side will make curling up on a chilly winter day completely irresistible. The issue here is that it may be too hot to use in warmer weather, which can be a problem for those who depend on weighted blankets to soothe anxiety and/or to sleep more soundly. 

This blanket is wonderfully cozy.

The teeny-tiny beads inside the fabric are almost sand-like. They make the pockets fun to play with if you’re sitting with the blanket in your lap—and this is especially soothing for anyone who’s fidgety or simply enjoys things that are tactile. Plus, they enable the blanket to settle around user, anchoring it in place. 

A general note about weighted blankets: If you’re a first-time weighted blanket user, like us, these can take some time to get used to. We realized that changing sleeping positions during the night can be a little tricky with an extra 15 (or more) pounds on top of us. Further, if you get hot, it’s not nearly as easy to toss off the bed like a regular blanket. That said, the blanket can help you settle in better and experience less tossing and turning altogether. We also loved using this blanket as a throw when watching TV or reading. 

MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket
The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

Washing: Washable but takes awhile to dry

Surprisingly, this blanket is washer and dryer safe. The care instructions recommend washing it on a gentle cycle and drying it on low. Although we were slightly apprehensive about washing our blanket (we really didn’t want the minky side to lose its softness), we’re happy to say it laundered just fine. It came out of the washer damp (not soaked), but it did take a few runs through the dryer to get the blanket mostly dry, plus it was clunky in the machine (remember, it weighs 15 pounds!). We chose to pull it out while it was still a bit damp and let it fully air dry. 

Based on our experience, we’d recommend washing the blanket on gentle and then letting it air dry completely rather than using the dryer. Despite the fact that our blanket (and dryer) stayed intact, it still took 24 hours to fully dry anyway, so you may as well save on electricity. 

Price: Cheaper options out there, but most aren’t handmade 

There are tons of weighted blanket options out there, so prices are all over the board. On Amazon, you can find weighted blankets for as little as $40 but they’re not nearly as well-made as those from MyThreeBoysLLC and other vendors who are handcrafting their blankets. 

Adult-sized weighted blankets from MyThreeBoysLLC cost $140 to $250 depending on the weight you choose. Our 15-pound blanket goes for $175, but we’d say it’s worth the extra money for those who appreciate craftsmanship and customization. 

We’d say it’s worth the extra money for those who appreciate craftsmanship and customization.

MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket vs. YnM Cool Weight Blanket

For those who enjoy weighted blankets even on warmer nights, there are some options, like the YnM Cool Waiting Blanket, that use cooler materials. YnM’s option is made from breathable, 100 percent cotton and it’s filled with glass beads (the brand has bamboo and minky options as well). With weights ranging from 5 to 30 pounds and 22 color and pattern options to choose from, everyone should be able to find a blanket that suits their aesthetic preferences. 

The outer layer of the blanket is a duvet cover, which can be removed and cleaned in the washer and dryer. It also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and if “unexpected damage” occurs within three years, you can send it in for free mending (shipping fees not covered). For around $65, this is a great option for weighted blanket rookies who want to try out the trend without spending too much. 

Final Verdict

A customizable weighted blanket that’s worth the cost.  

If you’re looking for a customizable weighted blanket option (and you’re a fan of supporting small businesses), MyThreeBoysLLC definitely makes a quality product. You’ll have to be patient during the three-week waiting period, but you’ll enjoy a blanket that looks and feels exactly how you want it to.


  • Product Name Adult Weighted Blanket
  • Product Brand MyThreeBoysLLC
  • Price $184.49
  • Available Sizes 15 x 25 in, 35 x 40 in, 40 x 70 in.
  • Available Weights 5 to 30 lbs; weight increases in one-pound increments
  • Material Quilter’s cotton, minky fabric, glass or non-toxic plastic beads (buyer’s choice)
  • Warranty This blanket is sold via Etsy and the seller does not take returns. They will, however, accept exchanges within seven days of delivery or order cancellations within 24 hours of purchase
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