Nachos for Any Occasion

Nachos. Donna Pilato

They're easy to make, perfect for a party, and great for just anytime you need a salty snack with a little crunch. Kids of all ages can't resist this snack that appears to be Mexican, but is really more of an American invention. They're perfect with margaritas or a beer on Cinco de Mayo. But they're also great as a midnight snack. Very little time is required to whip up a batch. And you can play with the recipes to put your own individual spin on them.

What is this versatile, irresistible snack? Nachos, naturally!

Nachos can be prepared on a grill, in the oven, or even in a microwave. They can be made for vegetarians or the most carnivorous among us. Nachos work well as an appetizer or hors d'oeuvres, or can be made hearty enough to serve as a main dish. Here is a selection of recipes perfect for your next party. However, I recommend you practice many times before serving them to your guests. After all, nachos are a great snack anytime!

Baked Nacho Recipes

Nachos - This recipe from Chelsea Canyon, Guide to Mexican Cuisine, shows you how to make nachos using "the works".

Lobster Nachos Recipe - This New England treat comes from New England for Visitors Guide, Kim Knox Beckius.

Ground Beef Nachos - Here's a hearty nachos recipe for those meat lovers in your party,from Diana Rattray, Guide to Southern Cooking.

Chicken Nachos Recipe - This recipe supplies a good use for leftover chicken, from Denise Witmer, Guide to Parenting Adolescents.

Layered Three Cheese Nachos - This recipe has a southwestern flare, using corn, jalapenos, and cilantro among the other ingredients.

Alaska King Crab "Nachos" - A truly gourmet version made with wonton cups.

Turkey Nachos - Here's a great use for leftover turkey that puts a healthier spin on traditional meat nachos.

These come fully loaded.

Microwave Nacho Recipes

Quick and Easy Nachos - This microwave nacho recipe from Diana Rattray, Guide to Southern Cooking, will get those nachos on your table in just 3 minutes!

Nuked Nachos - This Dave Lieberman's version of microwaved nachos from his book "Young and Hungry".

Grilled Nacho Recipes

Grilled Nacho Recipe - This recipe from Derrick Riches, Guide to Barbecue and Grilling, shows you how to prepare these on a grill.

Grilled Chicken Nachos - This easy recipe from Busy Cooks Guide Linda Larsen is for the grill, and can use leftover chicken.