Napoleon Apollo Charcoal Pedestal Grill - Discontinued

Napoleon Apollo Charcoal Pedestal Grill
Napoleon Apollo Charcoal Pedestal Grill. Napoleon Gourmet Grills

The Bottom Line

The issue everyone complains about when it comes to charcoal is lighting. Lighter fluids add lots of chemicals to your cooking leaving you with extras like electric starters or charcoal chimneys to light your charcoal. Well, this grill incorporates a charcoal chimney design right into the base so all you need to light your charcoal is a piece of newspaper and a match. Simple and easy to use this is one of the best charcoal grills on the market.

Of course, at around $200USD it is one of the more expensive charcoal grills on the market. If you are serious about charcoal this is one grill to look at.

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  • Easy lighting without lighter fluid
  • Quick, safe and easy clean up
  • Small grill with large cooking area


  • Slight top heavy design
  • More expensive than most charcoal grills


  • 310 square inches of cooking area - 20-inch diameter
  • Built in newspaper fired charcoal chimney for easy lighting
  • Removable ash catcher
  • Compartmentalized charcoal trays for direct and indirect grilling
  • Roll top lid like those on gas grills
  • Lid mounted thermometer

Guide Review - Napoleon Apollo Charcoal Pedestal Grill

This Grill has been discontinued. There is no similar replacement by Napoleon.

Napoleon is well known for their excellent gas grills. This is their equivalent charcoal grill that is nearly as easy to use as a gas grill. A piece of newspaper and a match are all you need to light your charcoal and the ashes collect in a tray in the base making it easy to clean out.

For years people have tried to make a charcoal grill as convenient as a gas grill, this one is nearly that. Add in the superior flavor of charcoal and you have a great charcoal grill.

With good solid construction, this is a well built grill that will last you for many years. This is an excellent grill for small spaces.

The 20-inch diameter cooking area gives you plenty of space to cook for many people while keeping the footprint very small.

The biggest disadvantage of this unit is the price. At around $200USD it is much more expensive than similar units. However if you consider the features and capabilities of this grill it is comparable to more expensive units. The Weber Performer Charcoal grill lights its own charcoal and costs around $300. The Napoleon Apollo is available in a similar cart mounted unit with lots of workspace for around $300. If you have the space I would recommend the cart mounted unit.

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