Napoleon Prestige Pro PRO665RSIBPSS

Napoleon Prestige Pro PRO665RSIBPSS
Napoleon Prestige Pro PRO665RSIBPSS. Napoleon Grills

The Bottom Line

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This giant grill is loaded with features. There are nine knobs on the control panel. Five of these are the grills main burners which produce 60,000 BTUs under 665 square inches of heavy duty stainless steel rod cooking grates. The other four knobs are for the other burners and the wood chip tray for generating smoke. This grill also has a bottle opener and an ice bucket.

It is kind of like an outdoor kitchen on a cart.


  • Very large, full feature grill
  • Full rotisserie system
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Bigger than most people will ever need


  • Five 12,000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners
  • 665 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 1010 square inches
  • 60,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • 12,000 BTU infrared searing side burner
  • 18,000 BTU infrared rear mounted rotisserie burner with full rotisserie kit
  • Electronic (AA-battery) ignition
  • Stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Stainless steel, cast aluminum, and porcelain-enameled steel construction
  • Integrated smoker box with dedicated smoker burner
  • Two internal halogen lights and lighted control panel
  • Cover and propane tank sold separately
  • Made in Canada by Napoleon Grills

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Guide Review - Napoleon Prestige Pro PRO665RSIBPSS

This $3,00USD is Napoleon's ultimate gas grill.

At more than six feet end to end, it is a giant of a grill with five main burners, a rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner, infrared side table mounted sear burnerĀ and a dedicated smoker burner. It comes with a lifetime warranty on most everything, a full rotisserie kit and an ice bucket mounted in the left side table.

There are internal halogen lights for nighttime grilling an illuminated control panel. There really isn't anything that has been left off of this grill.

The construction quality on this grill is very good, but I should point out that this is not a complete stainless steel model. Side and back panel pieces are painted steel. This doesn't detract from the quality or durability, but some people have been disappointed to find this out so I figured it merits saying. It should also be noted that this is a powered grill, meaning it plugs into an outlet to provide electricity to the internal lights and illuminated control panel. So when planning to purchase this grill (which is available as an insert as well), electricity is a must.

Aside from all this, the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is a great grill. The heat is high and even and with this kind of versatility there isn't much that this gas grill can't do. I would say that this grill is large than most people will need. It can handle about 40 burgers at a time and the rotisserie could take up to three chickens. If you need something this large, then this is a very good grill for what is actually a very good price.

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