This Narrow Storage System Is What Your Bathroom Needs

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bathroom shelf

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon

The bathroom in my New York City apartment isn't absolutely teeny tiny (trust me, I've viewed listings online where the tub has had to be placed in a separate room, like in a corner of the kitchen... only in Manhattan!). That said, the storage space in my loo is definitely limited. I have a great medicine cabinet, which I use to store all of my daily essentials and makeup products, but as someone who likes to stock up on extra beauty supplies so as never to be caught in a bind, I knew that the cabinet alone just wasn't going to cut it.

The thing about my bathroom is that due to its long and narrow layout, there is essentially no leftover wall space against which one could put a storage cabinet or rolling caddy. In past bathrooms, I've been able to pretty up the space with small furniture pieces that not only looked adorable but held a good amount, too. In this bathroom, I just don't have that luxury because of its configuration.

My solution for several months was just to store bathroom things—like first aid supplies, travel sized toiletries, and extra toilet paper—in other closets or in various bins around my home. But I just wasn't loving having to wander into another room in order to access bathroom related things. There had to be some sort of storage solution out there that could fit my narrow space, right?!

After browsing on Amazon, I finally stumbled upon a four-drawer fabric storage unit that looked spacious enough to accommodate my large collection of products but, at less than eight inches wide, wouldn't totally ruin the flow of my bathroom. I figured that for a little less than $50 and easy returns, it would definitely be worth a try. Well, it's now been several months and I couldn't be happier that I purchased this storage system. Yes, it does run along my bathtub, but there is still plenty of room for me to access the tub and shower on the other end. I've had guests stay with me and use my shower, too, and so far I haven't received any complaints about the location of this shelf.

mDesign Modern 4-Drawer Tall Storage Tower Organizer

drawer system


While this system isn't the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world, I definitely don't consider it to be bad looking, and I like that the top shelf provides plenty of space for me to set out my makeup bag and a few other odds and ends if I wish. In a future apartment, I could always stick this system in a hall closet and use it to store odds and ends. And in an entryway, it could be a useful solution for those wondering just how to corral pet supplies, outwear, everyday shoes, and more.

So what are you waiting for? You'll thank yourself later when you've finally addressed that clutter prone area of your home without breaking the bank or giving up too much precious square footage. This four-drawer system is the real deal.