What a Show! Nashville Cross Stitch Show Round Up

A look inside the Nashville Cross Stitch Show

 If you are into cross stitch then no doubt you have overheard your favorite retail cross stitch store talk about "the Nashville show." We are not talking about the TV show, but about the biggest event for retail cross stitch vendors. It is one of the biggest cash and carry events for cross stitch. The occasion showcases new patterns and trends in the needlework world. It is THE show that dictates what we see in the coming year.

Every year there are new patterns, new designers and new products for the cross stitch world. 

This year a lot of the designers created Nashville specific kits and patterns. It is like the limited edition at ComicCon. These patterns are exclusive to the show and can only be purchased there. This is very exciting to me. It means that there is a limited run, the designers usually go above and beyond their normal scope of work. Limited edition usually drives up business for the pattern designer, which in turn is good for the retail store. It might not be good for the masses since we have to be quick about buying. Popular designer, Lizzie Kate was just one of many offering limited edition patterns. Their kit, Little Grey Hare can still be purchased but be aware, as they say on their site...it is HARE today, GONE tomorrow! A great place to check out other limited editions from the show is Needlecraft Corner.

They have a nice selection of limited edition patterns and pieces that you can find HERE. 

Besides patterns and kits, the show offers up the best in accessories for your stitching. You wouldn't think there would be a lot of new products; needle, floss fabric...but remember the Q-Snap? Just a few years ago no one knew what they were.

There is every kind of accouterments from hand dyed floss to scissor fobs. One designer,  Le 4 Damine creates hand painted buttons that compliment their charts. The chart really is secondary to the beautiful detail of the button. Run down to your favorite cross stitch store and demand these buttons.Not only are there buttons but there are also charms and other fun accessories for your cross stitch piece.  You can read more about these buttons and their adventures on their Facebook page HERE. 

This year Yarn Tree was one of the sponsors of the show and believe me, that comes with some perks like getting exclusive patterns from top modern designers such as The Frosted Pumpkin. The only place you can find this pattern is on their site. You can read more about their participation as well as see all of their exclusives HERE. 

Another sponsor was the Needlework Retailer. They specialize in all areas of needlework and offer a magazine especially for the retail community. One reason to love these guys is that they list businesses on their site. It is like your one stop shop! You can see all the designers and retailers in one place. You can get a great feel for what is out there and what kind of business you want to support.

It is also great for indie designers wanting to sell their patterns to different retailers. Check out their website and information HERE. 

While the show may be over, your favorite retailer is coming back with amazing stuff for you to stitch up. Some stores will have special Nashville days to showcase their goods. Make sure you get to the shop sooner than later so you can snatch up the patterns first. Next year, ask your retailer if you can give them a list of items you would like to see. A lot of shop owners welcome the chance to shop for fun products and love bringing back items to make their favorite customer happy. If you can't make the show this year, save your dollars and plan for a fun trip next year.