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About the NBFS

House Finch on Feeder
Make the most of feeding birds by joining the NBFS. Don DeBold

Devoted backyard birders have no reason not to be a part of the National Bird-Feeding Society (NBFS). Dedicated to education and research to provide better feeding experiences for the birds and birders alike, anyone interested in safe, responsible bird feeding should consider becoming a member of the NBFS.

Organization History

Established in 1989, the National Bird-Feeding Society has always had the goal to make feeding birds a safer, more enjoyable hobby for both the backyard birders who fill the feeders and the birds that reap the benefits.

Through education and research, the NBFS supports responsible bird feeding, and to that end, the organization is sponsored by the Wild Bird Centers of America, Inc. This partnership helps bring savvy bird feeding to thousands of backyards, benefiting millions of backyard birds.

What the NBFS Does Today

The National Bird-Feeding Society offers a variety of services to any group or organization interested in bird feeding information, and it freely shares its research findings with backyard birders and birding-related organizations. The NBFS is involved with…

  • Seminars: The NBFS will arrange an informational seminar or guest speaker for organizations interested in the effects of feeding birds, proper bird feeding techniques, the nutritional needs of birds or similar topics. This can be a great opportunity for National Audubon Society chapters or other birding groups, or for community organizations, community gardens or school groups.

  • Events: NBFS representatives are frequently present at birding festivals and wildlife conferences where they distribute educational literature on feeding birds. They may also arrange speakers at these events or could lead tours of local bird feeding stations or birdseed gardens.

  • Feeding Stations: The NBFS is happy to provide consultation to arrange proper, safe bird feeding stations for schools, nature centers, retirement communities and similar organizations. They will help choose an appropriate site, feeder styles and bird foods for maximum enjoyment of the feeding station, and can help arrange participation in feeder-oriented events such as Project FeederWatch or the Great Backyard Bird Count.

  • Consultations: Manufacturers and companies that create new bird foods or design bird feeders can call on the NBFS for assistance in determining the needs of birds and whether new products are safe and effective. NBFS members may test materials and offer feedback to help refine designs to be even better for backyard birds.

  • Educational Materials: The NBFS regularly prints and distributes brochures and other educational materials on all topics pertaining to feeding birds, including proper foods, feeder maintenance and safety, seed quality, avian flu, bird window collisions and the controversy of banning bird feeding. These materials can be available to individuals, and the NBFS will also work with other groups and organizations to create materials specifically for their websites or regional distribution.

  • National Bird-Feeding Month: The NBFS is the official sponsor of National Bird-Feeding Month, an annual event every February in the United States. Winter is a great time to offer supplemental foods to birds through a variety of feeders, and the NBFS seeks to raise awareness about the importance of proper bird feeding during this annual event.

Joining the National Bird-Feeding Society

The National Bird-Feeding Society is comprised of a nationwide network of avid backyard birders and eager citizen scientists.

Membership is free, and interested birders and nature lovers can sign up quickly online or can print out a registration form to be mailed to the organization. Those who join the NBFS can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • The Backyard Bird Feeder, a bimonthly electronic newsletter with bird feeding information and tips.
  • The Backyard Bulletin, a regular email update of ongoing news and events related to feeding birds.
  • Opportunities to join nationwide research projects studying backyard birds and bird feeding.
  • Free downloads of regional bird feeding guides for both eastern and western bird populations.
  • Online access to the full range of information from the National Bird-Feeding Society, including tips for proper feeders, the best bird foods, bird feeding safety and more.

Feeding birds may seem as simple as adding seed to a feeder and putting it where birds may find it, but backyard birders who want the latest information and tips for safe, responsible, effective bird feeding should consider joining the National Bird-Feeding Society.

With its dedication to research and education to promote better bird feeding for birds and birders alike, the benefits of joining the NBFS can only help make every backyard bird feeding station more enjoyable, active and bird-friendly for all backyard birders and their feathered friends.

For more information on the National Bird-Feeding Society or to sign up for free membership, visit

Photo – House Finch on Bird Feeder © Don DeBold