18 Beautiful Natural Christmas Decorations

Natural Christmas decorations on coffee table in front of white couch

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Sure, you could buy your Christmas decorations at the store—but if you want a more natural look this year, why not head outside? As the temperature drops and the air gets chilly, bringing the outdoors in can be a great way to get ready for the holidays and add a bit of festive cheer to your home. Organic Christmas decorations evoke a minimalistic, hygge-friendly feel in any space—and the best part is, they can be a snap to DIY. 

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    Foraging for Christmas Decor

    Christmas tree branches
    The Merry Thought

    Want to forgo the artificial Christmas tree this year? This tree from The Merry Thought is created only with branches and takes just a quick trip to your backyard to recreate. Spray paint the branch white or gold to add even more cheer. Add a few matching ornaments, and voilà.

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    A Wonderful Pinecone Centerpiece

    Bleached pinecones
    Garden Therapy

    Pinecones are a mainstay when it comes to natural holiday decor, but these bleached pinecones from Garden Therapy add a little something special. Bleaching them is a simple afternoon activity and creates a modern feel perfect for any room of the house. Pile them in a beautiful bowl for a table centerpiece that works well even past Christmas, or string them around a tree or in a window. 

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    Artfully Arranged Logs

    Artfully displayed logs
    Pile of Firewood on Bench Lisbeth Hjort / Getty Images

    Even the simplest, most utilitarian items can seem festive around the holidays.  These fire logs piled together in the shape of a triangle might not cause a second glance at any other time of year, but during the holidays they take on a certain festive flair. Together with a couple of pinecones they evoke images of Christmas trees and warm cozy fires. Just be careful when you take a log off the top!

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    Experiment With Driftwood

    Christmas tree made from driftwood
    So Much Better With Age

    This adorable tabletop tree from So Much Better With Age is made using driftwood and lends a beachy vibe to the winter season. If you're not spending the holidays next to the beach, you can usually find packages of DIY supply driftwood at many craft stores. Driftwood also makes a lovely centerpiece when arranged in a vase.

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    Candles with Greenery and Pinecones

    Decorating with pinecones
    Pinecone wreath Thomas Schulz / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Pinecones are the ultimate fall and winter decoration. They have a unique shape, they're easy to source, and they look good with absolutely everything. So why not tie a bunch together to make a wreath? It makes for a stunning and festive focal point in any room in the house and has a definite country Christmas feel. But that's not the only natural Christmas decoration you can make with pinecones. They can be used to embellish other displays, or they can simply be tossed together in a bowl and displayed on a table. 

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    Sprinkle in Greenery

    Candles wrapped with greenery
    Musings on Momentum

    Greenery is one of those decor elements that simply works all year long, and these candles from ​Musings on Momentum prove it can look just as festive during the holidays. Wrap a simple white candle (we recommend an LED version to avoid mishaps) with boxwood, eucalyptus or any other easy-to-find greenery, and secure with a festive ribbon. 

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    Try a Natural Wreath

    Woman holding a natural wreath
    A Daily Something

    Retire that plastic artificial wreath in your basement this season and add a little bit of nature to your door instead. We are in love with this stunning natural wreath from A Daily Something, which is just festive enough for the holidays, but subtle enough to display all winter long. Experiment with different foraged plants—adding dried holly and berries can make a wonderful accent.

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    Cinnamon Sticks

    Cinnamon stick decorations
    MmeEmil / Getty Images

    Most people use cinnamon to add a little spice to foods and beverages, but cinnamon sticks also make wonderful and natural Christmas decorations. There are plenty of things that can be done with them including gluing or tying them around the outside of a candle, tying them together and hanging them as ornaments, and displaying them in bowls with pinecones and greenery. Keep in mind that when you use them in conjunction with candles the warmth releases some of cinnamon's wonderful scent.

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    A Fruity Runner

    Greenery runner with pomegranate
    Julie Blanner

    This table runner from Julie Blanner looks like something out of a Renaissance painting, and we can't wait to try it in our own homes. Greenery is a wonderfully simple way to create a centerpiece, but this look adds a few pomegranates to give it a pop of color and warmth. Try other fruits (we think pears or oranges would look great) to mix it up. 

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    A Whimsical Branch Display

    White lights and branches
    So Lebich

    There's just something about spiny branches that provide a whimsical, woodland-inspired feel—add some twinkle lights, and you're instantly transported to a fairy wonderland. This simple tree from So Lebich is easy to recreate: All you need is a basket, a few large branches and, of course, white twinkle lights. Looking for more inspiration? There are countless ways to have fun with twinkle lights​ and add a calming look at your home. 

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    Traditional Dried Fruit

    Dried orange hanging

    Drying fruit, such as oranges and apples, has been a holiday tradition for many years, and this window hanging from Sashe proves it's still very much in vogue. You can easily dry oranges in your oven, and the best part is that they'll make your house smell wonderful. String dried fruit along with pinecones or other foraged items in a window or on a Christmas tree. 

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    Add Some Birch Wood

    Wreath and birch wood candles
    Dear Lillie

    Though these birch wood candles from Dear Lillie are storebought, they offer some great inspiration to add a little bit of natural birch to your home this holiday. Birch can be purchased at many craft stores and can be used in everything from empty fireplaces to centerpieces to standing floor decorations

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    A Simple Wall Hanging

    Branch wall hanging
    Delineate Your Dwelling

    Here's another look that could be recreated with a birch wood log. This adorable star wall hanging from Delineate Your Dwelling may take a few storebought elements to come together, but it looks wonderfully modern and hip in your home. This blogger strung paper stars, but you can experiment with any other festive display (holly, berries and Christmas lights, just to name a few).

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    A Minimalist Wreath

    Simple wreath made of greenery
    Weekday Carnival

    Here's another natural wreath that's even easier to recreate. This piece from Weekday Carnival is subtle—and only uses one type of greenery—but it lends the perfect natural look to any home. We love the simple pairing with the evergreen-filled vase. Don't be afraid to adopt a motto of "less is more" this Holiday season. 

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    Create Floating Candles

    Floating holly candle
    The DIY Playbook

    If you have some mason jars laying around (and we're sure you do!), you can create this cute floating candle from The DIY Playbook. Fill a mason jar with holly or evergreens, add water and a floating candle, and you'll have an instantly chic and organic look for your holiday dinner parties. 

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    Orange and Clove Pomander Balls

    Festive candle display
    Jimin & Jihye / Getty Images

    Everything looks better when surrounded by natural evergreens and pinecones. Simple tea lights in small glass jars become beautiful Christmas decorations when nestled amongst these natural beauties. What's great about a display like this is that you can contain it within a bowl, serving platter or tray, or you can simply scatter the items across a holiday mantel or table surface. 

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    Evergreen Branches

    evergreen branches in a jar

    @milkandhoneylife / Instagram

     If you don't have the space for a full-size tree a small container full of lush branches can be a great alternative. Not only does it look good, but you get that natural Christmasy scent as well. If you choose to hang ornaments on the branches try not to overdo it, as a display of this size will quickly become weighed down—both physically and visually. Choose a few favorites and use them sparingly. 

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    Evergreen Wreath

    Christmas wreath with pinecones
    Suzanne Powers / EyeEm / Getty Images

    One of the most common and traditional ways to make use of natural materials around the holidays is with wreaths - especially evergreen wreaths. They're classic, beautiful, and work with every style of decor. These types of wreaths can be embellished with all sorts of ribbons and decorations, but the truth is that they don't really need it. They're perfectly beautiful all on their own. If you want to decorate with natural Christmas decorations there's no better way than with a classic evergreen wreath.